I’m a big cyster (sic)

I’ve shared tales of my background with cysts, both breast and ovarian . Last Friday, another cyst was found and removed in a place I would never have expected … my gums! I’m sure you remember the post entitled the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth that has a photo of me holding the tooth that was extracted and the hole it left in my smile, well the cyst appeared 3 weeks later. My dentist had to re-open the gum and scrape out the cyst up to the jaw bone, put collagen and an antiseptic in the hole and suture it up. I’m now on amoxicillin, a broad spectrum antibiotic for a week . It was so creepy hearing the metal dental tool scraping against bone. Weirdly, the two other extractions I had in January healed perfectly . My dentist had never seen that happen before, a cyst in the site of an extraction. He expected me to be surprised, but all I could say was, “Of course I have another cyst, my body is a cyst factory. ” Get rid of one and 5 more take its place. Back to the dentist on Friday to check on the site and hopefully remove the sutures. Just in case you have a spotty memory, here again is the picture of my missing tooth.

The biggest problem with the Me Too movement. Stupidity!

Last night, Bill Maher used a portion of his hour long platform to talk about his problem with the Me Too movement. It seems that many liberal, feminist leaning men have the same issue with the movement. They all applaud loudly for women sticking up for ourselves, but the first question they need answered is, BUT HOW DO I GET WOMEN TO HAVE SEX WITH ME?

The face women make when it all comes down to the penis, yet again.

They complain that, if everything is illegal, what CAN they do?

My answer is surprisingly simple. Cut the crap and the games, try not looking at us like prey and stop seeing sex as the prize. Forget the pick up lines that rarely work. Women are over it. Instead try getting to know us and letting us get to know you. Most women need to feel like you care an iota about us before jumping into the sack. If you can’t fake that, perhaps, Mr Maher try something you’re good at like opening with a joke. Once we’re laughing we tend to be more open minded also if your sense of humor is funny to us, we feel like we want to be on your side. But most importantly, BE HONEST. Try the fucking truth for once. For example, you see an attractive woman, you walk up to her and say something like, Hi I’m Bill Maher I think your beautiful, how can I get to know you better? Or may I give you my number? If your interested in sex only, may I suggest a prostitute? I’m pretty sure that you know that that’s what they’re there for. Or perhaps a groupie, since you’re lucky enough to actually have some. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and a woman might come up to you and give you her card and say, Please call me if you’re interested in getting to know me, like I did with my husband.

I’m also calling stupidity on the women of the movement. You can’t change the rules of the game without telling men what the new rules are. If you’re a true feminist, you need to take the reigns more often and face the possibility of rejection like men have had to do for eons. After all if we really want equality, we need to start acting like it. I’m willing to bet that most liberal and feminist leaning men would be pretty flattered if those feminists started hitting on them for a change.

As for the successful men, like Trump and Cosby and Weinstein and Ailes and O’Reilly and Franken and Ansari and Mr CK, their behavior won’t change unless they’re held accountable and that’s why the movement exists in the first place. And yes I am aware that these men should not be on the same list as far as degree of crime, the thought is the same, that sex is the prize and they need to either trick a woman into giving it to them, or in the case of the first 3 men on the list, take it.


I’m starting to think I need to write a book for women called the do it yourself guide to romance. Yes, it takes guts, but it’s so worth it. I’ve found men appreciate honesty as much, if not more than we do.

I think many men would be surprised by the amount of women that are interested in them.

Thanks to Bill Maher for giving me the angle I needed to write my feelings about this tipping point moment in history, herstory? I’m coining a new word … HUSTORY. human story get it? Maybe if we stopped compartmentalizing by sex it would be easier. But we would have to let go of the word feminist, which I’m betting will be hard fought. But true equality won’t happen until we all make the shift, ladies. All keeping it does is deepen the divide by mere exclusion.

Bouncing back.

Today was the first day I wore my leg brace since falling in my last post. Pretty sure my left buttock is deeply bruised. I could only take the pain of walking for a trip around the living room. I used to recover very quickly from injuries before the strokes, before 50 years old, before disability. I’ll be back posting updates on my progress, hopefully soon. Till then, drinking water, eating protein and resting. Not to mention killing time on twitter.

Hoping for inspiration.

The higher they climb, the harder they fall


This week has been chaotic. With our new cat finding his place, which apparently is just in front of anything that moves and really fast. If there was a speeding train in our house he’d be running in front of it, by a mile and the train would trip. Thankfully, little Graham is afraid of my power wheelchair, so he bolts out of any room I’m rolling through. He and Boo are able to be in the same room and are growing closer at Boo’s pace.

When we first got Boo, we spoiled her with all sorts of toys that she never touched, well now they’re being played with, all day and all night long. We’re finding toys we didn’t know were there.

The video this week has a story. I’ve been practicing walking up and down the stairs, so we decided to film it. Everything went great until the end, when I fell. The video above has the fall edited out. The video below is only the fall. I find it interesting that I was able to say the word crap 4 times before hitting the ground. The good news is, I’m not hurt, just a couple of bruises and a goose egg on the back of my head from where it hit the wall.


Our family became a little bit bigger.

Two years ago, my husband and I became parents to a gorgeous little girl called Boo, who is about to turn 7 years old next month, pictured above. Over the past 2 years Boo and hubby have hit it off … a little too well.

So,we decided to get a younger male cat in order to give me a fighting chance at having some kitty love all my own. A quick trip to the SCPA later and we chose the very handsome Graham, barely seen in the following picture.

Boo was not happy with the addition for the first few days, growling and hissing at poor Graham, but he stood his ground, as pictured here in a shot of their first staring contest.

Boo is still a tad cranky 9 days later, but getting better. They’re both giving each other the space they need to settle in.

Graham doesn’t like to pose the same way Boo does, so it took some time, but I was able to get this shot that shows off just how handsome he is. At only a year old, his eye color is still changing, right now they’re lightening from a deep amber. I mention this because I have a suspicion that he has some russian blue in him that’ll become a strong suspicion if his eyes turn green, even though he’s loud like a siamese , perhaps a mix of both. Time will tell. For now, he’s a happy, playful little guy, who has made this house that much happier.

***There will be a new video update posted by tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be doing something different this time.