All I wanted for my birthday was some new upper teeth

So,last Friday, I had dental surgery to remove my upper teeth and snip my frenum. If you don’t know what a frenum is, it’s the little piece of connective tissue that keeps your upper lip down. Mine was in the way of the denture I was getting. I was completely out during the surgery, but when I awoke I got the best surprise. The denture was already in my mouth. They handed me a mirror and I saw myself with a smile that I didn’t hate for the first time in my life! Unfortunately, it took a few days for the swelling of my face and upper lip to go away, but I was taking pictures anyway.

Don’t mind the blood

The above shot was taken just after I got home from surgery, so that’s why you can see some blood. I have to say I’m impressed with the denture as this is only the first of two I’m getting. The second one will be more natural looking. It’s not just the frenum that got snipped, I also got a new haircut.

The crooked smile of a stroke survivor. Happy belated birthday to me

My phone seems to straighten my smile unlike my tablet. So this was taken mere minutes ago, with a lot less swelling and blood. I’ll be living happily for the next 6 months with this temporary denture and then I will get the permanent one. Don’t worry, those of you who were squeamish over the picture of me holding my just extracted tooth, there will be no pictures taken of me without the denture in.

So here I am, the 3rd generation of my family to have false teeth, but everything else is real and spectacular.