Orthodox Boo


My husband and I bonded over our lack of religious beliefs.  I fell in love with him the moment I saw his Darwin fish.


Coming up on 3 years together we added the gorgeous Boo to our reality. Little did we know, Boo is an orthodox Boo and practicing. Being Booish, she prays multiple times a day to  Boodah . Though we can’t understand her prayers, we think she’s praying for more treats. As she isn’t shoving it down our throats or acting out  violently, we
decided to respect her beliefs and not try to change her mind, lest she scratch or bite us for trying. See, atheists can be forgiving too.

What fresh hell is this?

This past month or so has been a bit of a roller-coaster, emotionally. I’m not someone who cries, certainly not in public. Over the past 5 years, I’ve cried maybe 7 times, and always for a reason. In the last month, tears have been flowing almost daily for absolutely no reason. Yet another wonderful phase of menopause. I’ve been a whisker away from ugly, snotty, all out sobbing all month long. It has to be hormonal, as tough as life has become, I’m fine with my physical situation,  happy even. From feeling like you’re on fire from the inside out, to forgetting your own name, not sleeping, pain during sex,and now sobbing at the hair salon like an idiot. Yes being an aging woman is a real treat .
I just hope I don’t end up like this?

Becoming a weepy crone

Coming back from the dead

IMG_20160515_125244Patrick Duffy looking pretty good for a dead man

For as long as I can remember, television has relied heavily on the fantasy aspect of storytelling. Many of the plot points we now expect began as a shocking impossibility that producers hoped desperately the public would buy. One of the stupidest ideas is the kill off a character only to have them miraculously return, good as new. The first time I recall this was on the show Dallas, when they killed Bobby Ewing,  but it turns out to be a dream. Currently, there are a few shows playing with this idea. On Gotham, everybody who has died so far could and likely will return thanks to Dr.Hugo Strange.

Fish Mooney alive again 


On Game of Thrones, Jon Snow took a big breath last week after being dead for months.


On the Blacklist, they finally killed off the weak link,  Elizabeth Keen. Tomorrow night we will see if that sticks. I truly hope she stays dead.  She’s the worst actress on the show and her character is poorly constructed.IMG_20160515_125104

I am of two opinions regarding the back from the dead plot line. If your show is like Gotham or Thrones and is based in fantasy, there are no rules. However, if like the Blacklist, your show takes place in the real world, you must follow the laws of reality.

Death should not be treated so lightly.

Spinoff please?



Last Sunday evening marked a sad event in television, the loss of the best female character to ever grace the screen. With the airing of the final episode of the Good Wife, we must come to grips with the loss of Diane Lockhart, a socially progressive liberal feminist who routinely mentors other female lawyers. Ironically married to a Republican gun loving ballistic expert, Diane, while only a secondary character is a wonderfully realized character. She’s a character whose life I, personally would love to see explored more deeply.  Acted beautifully by Christine Baranski , Diane Lockhart is a force. Both powerful and vulnerable with all that entails. A woman to emulate. A role model for young women and a reminder for the over 40’s that we can achieve equality. It was absolutely correct to end the series with the slap heard round the world.


Even though she will still be seen on Big Bang Theory as Beverly Hoffstader, I will miss Ms. Baranski’s genius portrayal of Diane Lockhart, which, in my opinion, is more than strong enough to carry a series.


**Update. An hour after this was posted, I saw a headline announcing a spinoff starring Baranski and Cush Jumbo, who plays Luca Quin is in the works.

Welcome to the family

Been home for just over 2 months and things are going as well as can be expected. Physio twice a week, still making small improvements. The big news is that there’s a new addition to the family. She’s a 5 year old tortoise shell cat named Boo.


We found her at our local SPCA. Aside from being gorgeous, Boo has many wonderful traits. She’s affectionate, hilarious , comes when called, sweet and adorable. Boo is special in that she has only a quarter of her tail, so balance is very difficult.


Maybe that’s why she understands and seems to love my wheelchairs. Most of the day she’s sitting in either the power chair or the manual one if she wants privacy. 20160405_134746.jpgBoo has been both a welcome and wonderful addition to our home.


The best company I could hope to have.