Apparently it’s good news?

Guess where I am AGAIN

If you guessed a hospital, you are correct. It began last month. I was getting small nagging headaches behind my right eye. I went to my doctor and we ordered a CT scan because I still have a piece of the rare atrial myxoma tumor in my brain that can shift or grow. The appointment was set for Tuesday the 13th at 7:30 in the morning. I began freaking out at about 7:45 am when the scan was completed and I lifted my head to see 4 men in lab coats pointing at a screen with concern. The tech came back into the room, ushered my husband in, whispered to him, and I was quickly taken to the emergency room, where I spent a few hours, in a couple of different cubicles before the ER doctor very delicately told me that there’s a new bleed in my brain eminating from what appeared to be a small clump of cells. She then told me there are many reasons that could be causing the bleed including the big scary C word. I was left to process with my husband while nurses began my transfer to the hospital with all of the neurologists. This took a while in fact it wasn’t until I had spent 24 hours in the ER not sleeping on a gurney pressed up against the nurses station. That I was taken upstairs to a vacant sunroom . Another 8 hours later I was being transported to the right hospital. There were neurologists and neurosurgeons looking at my scans. And finally at 1pm today on Thursday the 15th, I heard what I’m told is good news… I’m going home tomorrow and no surgery needed. I have 3 small aneurysms in my brain that are not the kind that can be taken out . One aneurysm is rare but I have 3. The bleed was recent and small and did little to no damage. I go in for more scans in 6 weeks and they will likely confirm that the bleeding was caused by yet another aneurysm , that ruptured likely during my fall. I’m to watch my blood pressure, which is normally low, thankfully.

In case it wasn’t clear, the good news is that I have 3 brain aneurysms! I really need to stop trying to prove how special I am .