My butt feels better too!

I’ve been with my current lift chair for over 5 years now and unfortunately so has Graham the tenderizor

It’s beyond time for a new chair!

So I got one! Actually two ,the other one is on order and will have heat and massage built into the chair. Once that arrives, this chair becomes the hubby’s.

One of my issues with the old chair was that it didn’t recline far enough. This one will get flat, but I won’t but I’ll be working on it.

This is what loving your fellow man looks like.

I never intended to wade into any of the antisemitic nonsense spewed by Krazy Kanye but then this YouTube short came up. I love Jennifer Lewis and here,she shows true love for her colleague in entertainment. I sincerely hope he sees it and does as he’s told, asks for help.

Taking a break

Graham has the best work ethic and he takes his job VERY seriously. What does he do, you ask 🤔

Graham is a tenderizor. Uses his manly claws tomake sure that anything upon which I sit is soft under my boney butt!. The damage you see here is only the tip of the iceberg. I really should have this wheelchair reupholstered. But then all of this beautiful work will be gone and this wheelchair doesn’t go outside, so 🤷