WW 3D? the revolutionary war of the near future 

People are angry.

Military coup in Turkey

 So angry they are losing all sense of logic.

Isis poses for a photo op

Every day the news features stories of police killing unarmed black people 

Black lives matter

and gunmen shooting police officers


 and terror groups beheading people and idiots running for political office and people voting for those same idiots and religious killings and rape and human rights violators  and world economies pushed over the edge by yet more stupidity & greed  The wealthy of us pushing the rest of us into a corner. While most of us are still facing the wall, we’ve begun to turn to face our reality and see that it must change. Without a clear and logical solution to our insanity, some of us take on a vigilante role and kill those of us  who piss them off. The media acts the part of shit disturber and cheerleader. We are at the tipping point. When, not if, but when it happens, it will happen fast. It will likely not look like a traditional war. It might not even be bloody. It could be purely virtual. But mark my words, we won’t be taking it much longer. There is an obvious solution to the bubbling cauldron. Stop trying to control us through legislation, religion and media, pay us a wage we can live on, provide education and health care we can afford,stop shoving hate down our throats . When people are happy in their daily lives they see less unfairness around them. While all we see around us is the life we could have, being dangled and advertised, it’s only a matter of time until we see the ultimate fairness of life,that nobody gets out alive,  as our only option. 

The Pontiff solves terrorism!

If mister pope’s prayers don’t work, wouldn’t that prove his religion is bullshit?

Why Evolution Is True

Good luck with that, Popie! When I see stuff like this, and people actually liking it, I wonder what they’d say if a shaman proclaimed, “I’m going to sacrifice this bull so that the hearts of the terrorists will henceforth be filled with mercy.” Everyone would laugh. But they don’t laugh at the Pope!

BUT. . . this can be tested! If the Pope’s prayers work (and he’s the one with a direct line to God), there should be no more terrorist murders. If there are, then we are entitled to ask him, “Why did God ignore you? Does he want more killing?”

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Happy birthday to me 

After what happened mere weeks after my 50th last year,  I’ve been dreading this time of year. I know it sounds stupid, but I can’t help but feel that looking forward to birthdays  is dangerous to my health. My mom says that there’s no way it’ll happen again and I believe that to be true. But over the past 7 years, I’ve dealt with 2 kinds of cancer, a heart tumour removed via open heart bypass surgery and a massive stroke, what’s to stop, say a truck hitting my bloody wheelchair as I try to cross the street or a horrible virus or infection or pneumonia, or something hitting my head and knocking out access to the rest of my body. 

I know, paranoid much? 

I know I should be grateful for being able to live through all the crap I’ve been served recently, but I can’t help but think, how many passes do I get, before it’s over? 

Birthdays used to be such a fun part of life, now they just remind me of how fragile it all is. After all, this was me just under a year ago. 

I’ve worked incredibly hard to get as better as my body will allow, and I’m moving forward, just at a glacial pace. It doesn’t help that I’ve lost so many of my idols this year either. It’s been a year of death and mourning. 

I can only hope that a year from now, life is easier and I am healthy. Here’s to 51, let’s hope it’s better than 50 was. 

The world is talking about Mick Jagger’s penis 

Melanie Hamrick and Sir Michael Phillip Jagger

Let’s face it. If you’re in your 70’s and you have someone thinking about your penis, you’re a lucky guy. 

In 11 days, Mick Jagger will celebrate a birthday. He will be 73 years old. Today it was announced that Jagger’s girlfriend, principal dancer for the American ballet theatre,  Melanie Hamrick (29) is expecting his 8th child. The world is acting like this has never happened before. Men siring children into their 80s is not only physically possible, but if the man is sexually sought after, likely. This is not record breaking by any means. Both Tony Randall and Charlie Chaplin have Jagger beat. Randall had his last child at the age of 80,just one year after the birth of his first child, with a woman 50 years his junior. Chaplin fathered 11 children in his lifetime, his last,born when he was 73.

I’m sure people will start saying that miss Hamrick is a gold digger, just in it for the cash and celebrity, in fact that has already begun. I would beg to differ. A gold digger will do anyone if he’s rich. This puts the man in a Rupert Murdock, who, ironically just married Mick’s ex, Jerry Hall, kind of light.  Mick Jagger is not only rich, but sexy, charismatic, intelligent, a knight, and has a hot British accent!  In any case of a world famous, legendary entertainer, opportunity for sex is high. Famous men just become more attractive as they age and accumulate more success and wealth. Miss Hamrick just won the genetic lottery for her kid. Jagger has a stellar reputation for being financially responsible for his kids. He spends time with them. Granted not quantity time, but time. They will want for nothing. Add to that, he makes gorgeous children. 

Elizabeth Jagger

Georgia Jagge

Why any woman wouldn’t think having Mick Jagger’s baby isn’t far superior to that of the guy at the gas station is beyond me. I see only one possible down side. If sexual fidelity is important to you, expect to be disappointed. Men are only as faithful as opportunity allows and Mick swims in the deepest sea of opportunities. 

Sorry, my bad 

Recently, Pope Francis said that all Christians including catholics should apologize to gay people for the horrible way in which they’ve been treated.  May I be so bold as to recommend what I have found the best way to apologize.  I suggest, instead of this, 


actually including them as humans in the same world and celebrate the similarities, like this  …

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marching in Toronto

There’s a reason for it 

Over the past 30 years or so,  we in North America have seen the disappearance of our pubic hair. Both men and women have decided that you’re not well groomed unless your genitals are bald. For men, the reason is aesthetic, less hair makes the penis look larger. And what guy says no to having a bigger penis ?

For women, however the reason is much more complicated. Many of us, 99%, don’t see beauty when looking at the vagina ,women are taught to be ashamed of their genitals. You hear the word penis on television all the time, but vagina has only just begun usage. Until recently we had to hear women refer to their vagiña as ‘down there’ Just another body part women are forced to obsess over to the point where they can’t enjoy sex. So, we shave, wax and Lazer away any trace of hair in hopes that it’ll be prettier and cleaner. Hair represents dirt to us users of vacuum cleaners. But we are cutting of our noses to spite our faces. Female pubic hair is a necessity. It acts as a barrier between your vaginal opening and dangerous bacteria . Women with pubic hair get far fewer yeast infections, bladder and urinary tract infections, and are less likely to have a strong odor.  We have pubic hair for the same reason we have nose hair to protect us from illness. If your guy is squeamish about a little hair, get a new one, they’re everywhere, just waiting for the chance. 

There’s nothing wrong with a little trim of the area for aesthetic reasons but your hair is there for a reason.