We got all dressed up and climbed mount everest. 

It’s been a few months of improvement and we’ve been testing my endurance in public. Since my stroke 2 years ago, I haven’t been able to tolerate crowded rooms with people talking over each other. It exhausts any energy I may have and I get overwhelmed.

I don’t know if you remember, but recently my husband and I were looking for a new car. We finally found the right fit for my body, a 2009 mercedes-benz e320 diesel, quiet motor, ridiculously roomy trunk, wheelchair plus bags!  superlative suspension. This car absorbs bumps. My head height in this sedan is perfect so that my torso, not my neck, takes the brunt of the abuse from the bumps. We live in a bumpy town.  About 3 weeks ago, we took our first overnight trip and I had no issues, save for being exhausted on day two,so we stayed a second night and got to sightsee more before heading home. Now we know that we can travel ,by car as long as we plan rest days.   As you saw in my last post, I got a new afo brace and4I’ve been working on walking with speed and distance as well as quality of steps and will be posting a new video soon. 

I hear those observant types asking, Why the hell are you parked at a church! My friend, Roz got married! And I was invited to be a bridesmaid. 

I tried so hard not to burst into flames, but my hair didn’t listen 

The wedding was this past weekend and ever since Roz announced the date I have been working very hard to be able to walk down the aisle. While I achieved the goal physically, the thick carpet that I had to wade through made speed an issue, so, my silver fox of a husband pushed me down the aisle in my wheelchair. 

This was the first disappointment of the day, thankfully quickly forgotten. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that when Roz said she was inviting 100 guests to her small wedding that she wasn’t joking. The fact that there were many familiar faces eased my nerves, but the whole day I was in close proximity to multiple people talking loudly. 

As I was in the wedding party, I had to be at Roz’s for hair and make up at 10 am, then quickly to the church for the ceremony, then immediately to a gorgeous rose garden for pictures, and pictures and pictures.  Then,we took a break for an hour, then cocktails and a 5 course dinner. We left after the main course, as my chronic shoulder pain just wouldn’t stay medicated. We got home at 9pm. I’m still resting days later. But 11 hours surrounded by activity and noise is a personal best. 

Walking in my new articulated AFO 

Today I got my new AFO (ankle foot orthotic)! My posture is better!  I’m walking without fatigue. I’m walking faster,I’m walking farther! And all of this on the first day. 

AFO is custom made and is an articulated afo brace which allows some ankle movement front to back but not sideways, giving me more stability. I still have to buy knee socks to wear under the afo to combat chafing. This video was shot the day I got the afo.I’ll be shooting another when I’m more used to walking with it