Missing Mick

The Rolling Stones pictured here with Martin Scorsese

Yesterday , the Rolling Stones announced a stadium tour of the United States. The youngest member of the band is Ronnie Wood at 71, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are 75, and Charlie Watts, the drummer is 77. I greeted this news with the excitement of a teenage girl, immediately checking out the tour dates trying to find a city close to me. Seeing no dates in Canada disappointed me. The closest they’ll get to where I live will be Seattle. My husband even agreed that Seattle was doable. I didn’t sleep much last night. My brain kept coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t go.

It’s at this point, I should go back to yesterday morning. I had my care aid in and we got to the exercise portion of the morning. I climbed the 14 steps to the second floor. It was on the 14th step that my left leg gave out and I almost fell. Thankfully, my 25 year old aid has the reflexes of a jungle cat, and she had her arms around me before I got too far. This was the second time I’d climbed the stairs in two days, as I’d done it on Sunday, when my folks came by, to show them. While my leg is getting stronger, apparently it can’t handle 2 days in a row yet.

Getting back to reasons why I shouldn’t go, I’m not a young kid in my 40s anymore, like I was when I saw them play in 2005 on the bigger bang tour. Now, I’m an old lady dealing with the persistent paralysis down my left side, and a far too easily overwhelmed brain. I’m now in a wheelchair, which would be easier if they played a Canadian date close to me. Then there’s the border. I can’t imagine they’d let me in since my pain medication is natural, if you get my drift. I’m pretty sure that I’d have a hard time getting travel insurance, what with all of my pre-existing conditions. And if something did happen, it could very well bankrupt us, south of the border.

My husband agreed to buying me the box set of all of their albums and a record player in lieu of risking my health .

While it’s still a disappointment, the next best thing will be to enjoy their entire catalog whenever I want.

Comparing big stones

65 million dollar ring 19 karat pink diamond

Just yesterday, a ring with a large, almost 19 karats, pink diamond in the middle and clear diamonds on each side, sold for 65 million dollars at Christie’s auction house, setting a record as the most expensive pink diamond ever sold. I showed my husband the article, with photos, about the ring .

Before he could say anything, I said, “You are so lucky that this wasn’t the ring I wanted. ”

And we laughed and laughed.

This is my engagement ring.

Worth far less than the 19 karat diamond above, at 5600 dollars, this is an almost 8 karat morganite with diamond baguettes and pink sapphire accent. It’s not as sparkly, but I’m thrilled to wear it!

I am pleased to announce …

After just one day resting up from over exertion, ( see last post) I was able to climb up 14 stairs to where my power chair was parked, sit down, drive onto the elevator, ride down 1 floor, drive off the elevator, stop, stand up, and walk to my apartment door. All with very little loss of breath. Feeling good today.

After thinking it through, it was far less damaging and even easier than I thought it would be.

Feeling sorry for yourself?

I had the blues

As I had no shoes

Until upon the street

I met a man who had no feet

-Dennis Waverly

This year on my birthday, one of my gifts was 6 hours per week of in home care. It’s been great. 3 days a week, for 2 hours each day somebody comes over, I get into the tub, she vacuums and dusts, then helps me get out of the tub, helps me dress, is with me when I walk or climb up and down one step multiple times, and sometimes I even get a meal.

Night before last, I had a vivid dream that I climbed up to the second floor, so I got the idea to do just that. I parked my power chair just outside of the stairwell, walked in using a heavy quad cane which my aid brought with her up the steps and climbed all 14 steps to the second floor and, since the stairs and the elevator are on opposing ends of the hallway, attempted to walk to the elevator. I did pretty well, making it 3/4 of the way there, before I got so out of breath that I had to stop and wait for my aid to get my chair. It was the most exercise I’d done in one sitting since my stroke, more than 3 years ago. I probably would have made it to the elevator if I’d used my lighter aluminum quad cane, or if the floor hadn’t had carpeting. Walking on carpet is not so easy for me, it clings to my rubber soles.

I was so proud of having my best exercise day. Until I noticed that my right hand and forearm were numb and not responsive. I worried that I had burst one of the aneurysms in my brain and had now paralyzed my only usable hand.

Thankfully, my husband came home early yesterday, so he put a brace on my wrist. I didn’t use my right hand for an hour or two, and it slowly came back to life. Apparently I had exhausted my hand with the handrail up the stairs, followed by using a heavy cane without a break.

As proven by the fact that this blog post is here, my hand is fine. And I’ve thought through an alternative, to make more exercise easier.

Next time, my aid takes the chair to outside the second floor stairwell, while I wait at the bottom of the stairs for her to join me. I climb the steps to the chair, sit down and catch my breath, then drive the chair to the elevator, go to the first floor, and walk the tiled floor back to my apartment, using the light cane. Since tomorrow is next time, and my left leg has been sore all day, it may not happen until Monday, but I will keep you posted. Also there will be another video update as there is some improvement in my walking.

I had been moping about my one handed life, but it’s far better than a no handed life, as my short time with no hands taught me.