Watch “You may not be able to sleep after this one…” on YouTube

Just a short video today. I’m personally terrified of my own body. Simply knowing what it has done to me so far, between the tumor inside my heart, the massive stroke it caused and the multiple cerebral aneurysms, also caused by the heart tumor, and the knowledge that it’s shortened my lifespan,is it any wonder why? Obviously Neil is very lucky and healthy because he has to imagine something to be afraid of . In my case, my fear is coming from inside the house.

Finally Americans addressing the real problem of Tradition!

I’ve long had a problem with the answer of because tradition to the question of why we do something that’s clearly not working. For me, this response is only good for anyone who is making money off of said tradition. Weather it’s political or religious tradition, it only seems to exist because of the rich and powerful who want to keep hold to said power. Along with the rumblings of a coming civil war in the USA, I’m beginning to feel like a revolution is about to take place and perhaps worldwide.

Watch “Small-scale possession of illicit drugs will be decriminalized in B.C. starting next year” on YouTube

British Columbia is the province in which I live and the largest city here is Vancouver which has a real problem with opioid overdoses. Decriminalization is a good step in the right direction. After yesterday’s announcement from Justin Trudeau regarding the handgun ban, this news feels right. If you can’t carry a gun at least you can get really high. I’d rather someone be able to the edge off than be all edgy behind a gun.

Watch “Canadian PM Trudeau Introduces Bill To Prevent Buying And Selling Handguns” on YouTube

And this is how it’s done! Very proud of Justin Trudeau today. Putting a cap on handguns is what is required for times like these. When the country we’re attached to has had more mass shootings than this year than days and has done literally nothing about it, we had to make sure that Canada doesn’t follow the USA blindly down this dangerous rabbit hole. It’s far better to lead than follow. Thanks for the reminder, Mr Trudeau.

Texas Paul is tired of the religious hate mail and his response is perfection!

As an atheist, I really appreciate the way this man broke down the subjects here. Even if you’re a religious person, I think you’ll have a tough time picking this apart. Not every person from Texas is a republican who wants to take away your rights, ladies and gentlemen and Texas Paul is living proof of that. Using a white board, a’la Katie Porter ,he lists all of the main issues that the two sides can’t find common ground upon and then figures out which side Jesus would be on and which side is more Satan. I didn’t even mind suspending my disbelief for this. I invite you to share this video with your religious friends and family . Although, I warn you that this makes sense.

Watch “Concussions with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Leonard Marshall, & Heather Berlin” on YouTube

You don’t have to have a stroke to get brain damage. This podcast deals with concussion and CTE. I’m posting this here because I’m very interested in brain science and brain damage. It’s amazing to me how many ways there are to damage the brain and just how similar each type of damage is. Weather it’s a stroke, brain tumor, or heading a soccer ball every day, there are striking similarities in the way the damage affects the person. This is a long video, over an hour, so watch as much as you want, I won’t be offended. I found this to be a fascinating conversation, especially when Heather Berlin gets to speak.