Covid update

Update on the covid situation in the house. The hubby’s has tested negative for covid for several days, while I still don’t feel like I’m over all of the symptoms yet, I’m still blowing my nose frequently and my fever came back, I tested negative for the first time today. So I guess the low grade fever and the stuffy nose and the thick phlegm that I cough up is symptomatic of something else or the test didn’t work. Right now, my biggest fear is long covid, because it’s a possibility, though not a probability (I hope). I’m really not a hypochondriac, I swear! Just a likely overinformed person with nothing but time on my hands and an addiction to researching things on my tablet.

The really good news is that I must have a fairly strong immune system, because my covid symptoms were only a little worse than hubby’s . Either that or his immune system is lacking due to his smoking.


Still alive and something else

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I might live through the virus and today I awoke to the very pleasant surprise that I don’t have a fever anymore! It’s been exhausting and more than a little worrisome having a fever for so many days. What a relief! Thanks vaccine!

Now for the something else.

This music video was posted 3 days ago and it’s something that everyone should see and hear. You might remember the song by Christina Aguilera called Beautiful from a few years back, written by the incredibly talented Linda Perry ❤️. This is a new video for the 2022 version that is very powerful. It speaks to the youth of the world and us not so young as well. Please watch to the end because there is important information about your kids and how much you don’t know about what’s hurting them.

Technology is a tricky thing. It greatly helps us communicate with the world, but at what cost?