Feel what paralysis feels like for yourself.

I’ve posted on this topic before but it didn’t really give you, the reader the feeling of having a paralyzed body part. The way that the paralyzed part feels much heavier than before and the frustration of not being able to move it as easy as before paralysis. I’ve found that the sensation of being touched on my paralyzed side feels dulled and somehow electrified, almost like a dulled down pins and needles on my skin. It’s just as uncomfortable as it sounds. Now, for the experiment that will allow you, my gentle readers, a fleeting glimpse inside the body of a paralyzed person. WARNING! YOU MAY FEEL EMPATHY! If you’re unfamiliar with this feeling, don’t worry, it won’t hurt.

There are 2 types of paralysis the one that most affects me is spastic paralysis. What this means is the muscles of the paralyzed limb, specifically my left arm will constantly spasm. The only medication I take for this is a muscle relaxant and I take 10mgs twice daily, one with breakfast and one with dinner. The muscle relaxant stops the spasms and allows me to straighten my arm ,the muscles of which are in a constant state of firing As for my other paralyzed limb,my left leg, it still feels pins and needles type of issues and the forementioned electricity. Now an experiment that will allow you to understand what spastic paralysis feels like. Place one hand face down on a hard surface, making sure your fingers aren’t bent, now lift your ring finger up off the surface. You won’t be able to do it no matter how hard you try. That’s how my left arm, hand and fingers feel ALL THE TIME!

Another thing that I forgot to mention is how heavy a paralyzed limb feels. I’ll use the leg as an example here. Imagine that you’re in a relatively shallow pool of water, let’s say 4 feet deep, and you’re walking on the floor of the pool. Your legs get quite a workout because not only are you submerged, but the water is working against you. Now imagine the same scenario, but only one leg is in the water. The leg that is under water is what my paralyzed leg feels like, slow and heavy even on land. Because it’s just the one leg that is affected, you can see why it’s so difficult to walk.

I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what the last 7 years has been like for me physically. Once you’ve gotten your head around this, now imagine being told that it’s permanent after 6 years plus,and you’ll begin to see how I’m feeling emotionally. Mostly anger and disappointment. But both feelings are slowly ebbing, if only because it’s been 6 months since getting the news about my paralysis being permanent, and time allegedly heals, at least the emotional wounds.

I’m so excited!

As most of you know, if you’ve read my confession posts, I like men in drag. So obviously I’ve seen every episode of all 14 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and all 7 seasons of drag race All stars. Now the love is about to get real!


Rupaul’s Drag race Werq the world 2022

I’M GOING TO BE IN THE AUDIENCE! And not just in, but sitting in row 5! And not just great seats, but I’m going to the meet and greet where I can meet all of the stars of the show. Can I just say how much of a thrill this is going to be for me. Which queens am I looking forward to meeting most? Yvie Oddly, Willow Pill and Bosco in that order.

And because I was raised right, I’m bringing quite a few Mac lipsticks to give to the queens. Can’t arrive empty handed 😊

A better understanding of Canada

I know many of you aren’t Canadian, or even Canada adjacent. So I thought I’d share this peek into the personalities and stereotypes that make up the second largest country in the world. Thankfully, I recently found this video that explains it all, if not perfectly, but it’s Canada and we’re fine with second place.

Watch “Scewo BRO – Power wheelchair. The new generation.” on YouTube

Holy heckballs, this wheelchair has thought of everything! From reaching a top shelf to climbing and decending stairs this chair literally does it all. From the minds of engineering students in Switzerland, this chair is incredible! Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly high priced at 40,000 US dollars. If you can afford one, I literally can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t buy one, unless, like me, you live in Canada, because it’s not available here YET.

First time for everything

August 24th will mark exactly 7 years since the massive stroke that very nearly took my life. While in hospital, not a day went by without a nurse or two complimenting my skin. For more than 6 months I never had a bedsore .And 7 bloody years later,drumroll please…

My first bedsore!

Sleeping in a diaper doesn’t help. But it’s drying out and causing me no pain. A few days ago it was itchy and the skin was opened. I have a secret that took the itching away immediately and is drying out the sore. The secret is Secret antiperspirant. Just a thin layer applied on the sore, really helps. It’s far better than powders that,unsurprisingly just seem to keep the sore open, after all powders are really small pieces of rock, and that can’t be good for a sore of any kind.

I hope this post helps anyone reading who may be dealing with sores of their own.

Graham the tough guy?

Graham This photo was taken this past winter on the one day we had snow

We live just across the street from a huge park. Within the park live many different kinds of wildlife, including herons, bats,frogs, baby goats,(because of the petting zoo) and they all stay in the park… except for one species.

While they’re lovely to look at while they are on the ground, this particular species of bird has been infiltrating our yard lately and my protector, Graham, who fully understands my ornithiphobia has been scaring them off with a loud, guttural meow.

Today, it looks like they’ve plotted revenge, because, instead of the usual one bird, there are now six of them on our lawn, just chilling out.

What kind of bird?

The drag chicken