A bone to pick

The cast of the big bang theory, then and now

The final episodes of the big bang theory left me feeling so disappointed. Not because the show was ending, but because of a tiny, little thing that was added.

Apparently, women don’t have the right not to change their minds.

It started with Bernadette. Years ago on an episode where Howard was performing his magic for some kids birthday party and Bernadette assisted. After the party, Bernadette tells Howard that she doesn’t like kids, having help raise her siblings, to which Howard responds by telling her that he would happily stay home with any children they have like an enlightened man. So the writers got Bernadette pregnant, not once, but twice and back to back.

On the last episode it was revealed that Penny is pregnant. For 12 years, we’ve heard Penny say things like she doesn’t want to ruin her body with kids. Then, even when Leonard is asked to provide sperm to a barren couple, Penny reiterated that it wouldn’t be fair of her to say no, because she doesn’t want kids. Then all of the sudden she’s pregnant and we’re supposed to buy that she’s just fine having a baby?

There exist many women, like myself who, for whatever reason, chose not to have children and stuck with their decision.

It may be a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, but with the big decisions it doesn’t happen frequently.

Were there no women in the writer’s room, Mr Lorre? Rhetorical question, I know there weren’t.