How am I doing?

After seeing specialists last month, I have one more medical test at the end of the month that should put to bed a disagreement between my neurologists. One neurologist thinks that the aneurysms are myxomatous, meaning they behave like myxoma tumors, and the other thinks that I have a rare genetic disease called Carney complex,

which would explain why I have had so many cysts. A test at month’s end will tell me if I have a mutated gene causing the disease. I’ve had doctors and family members question why I want to know if I have something there’s no cure for, as I don’t have kids, but I do have a niece and nephew, and if I do have it, there’s a possibility that they may have it. And that is important that their doctors know so a heart tumour gets seen early before causing a stroke. Seriously, if I could have had the tumour removed before the stroke, I would have been home 10 days after surgery and been fine. If my DNA has an answer, I think it’s well worth finding out.

As for treatment, all 3 specialists prefer no treatment, so far. And I completely agree.

So, as to the question posed in the title of the post … only freaking out a little bit.

I still have headaches, my vision is acting up, it’s become difficult to read, the words seem to jump off the page . As much as I love reading, it’s become exhausting. Ironically, I just started the newest work from Christopher Moore, called Noir and I’m not far into it. I’ve read the first page about 20 times, but can’t seem to get past that without eye strain. Before you ask, I am wearing brand new reading glasses.

The vision issue is why it’s taken so long to post this, as it’s more difficult to read from the screen than the book.

Hoping for an audio book!