Not that I subscribe to magical thinking…

You have three magic genie wishes, what are you asking for?

But as you asked I would ask for my paralysis to be removed

I’d also ask for good enough health to keep me out of a hospital until my death

And finally, as I have everything else I need, I’d give my final wish to the genie in gratitude

Iceland, the number 1 country for gender equality,but they aren’t celebrating

Possibly because 48 years ago, the women of Iceland went on strike to demand it, and today, on the anniversary of that strike, the women of Iceland are striking again. Although they have the most equality when it comes to opportunities, they’ve slipped down to 2017 rates when it comes to equal pay. Women are making 21 percent less than men. Violence against women is still a real problem,hence the strike. Today, the nation’s men will experience life without women working, even in unpaid work . The last time this happened, the country shut down . I hope that the women of Iceland achieve their goals with this strike because the world is actively trying to push us back in order to make things great for rich men “again. ” Now is the time for the most equal of us to push forward AGAIN.


I could try it 🤔

What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail.

If you could GUARANTEE success, I would attempt to walk to my refrigerator, or perhaps even my toilet. Because I’m not stupid enough to take your GUARANTEE as fact and the fact that I’m permanently paralyzed down my left side. I’m sitting right here in my lift chair until I need to do those things, and then I’ll transfer to my power wheelchair.

This topic wasn’t fun for me.

Wheelchair accessible helicopters?!

I live on Vancouver Island and would love to travel to Vancouver via helicopter, if only to cut down the travel time from downtown in my city to downtown Vancouver. Currently, we have to drive 30 minutes to the airport, board a plane and fly 30 minutes, then find a cab and ride for 40 minutes to get downtown in Vancouver, which uses up more time and energy than it’s worth. If we had wheelchair accessible helicopters on Vancouver Island, we wouldn’t have to drive to the heliport because we are close. Then we just have to board the helicopter and fly for 20ish minutes and land in downtown Vancouver,wasting far less of my precious energy. I might have to make this my mission to get wheelchair accessible helicopter travel to Vancouver Island. Meanwhile, check out this video from Maui. If this man can travel via helicopter, a 130-pound woman with hemiplegia certainly can!

I’ve been wondering ,what if you’re part of a disabled or elderly couple?

You know I’m a power wheelchair user, and the other night, I dreamed that my husband also became disabled and required the use of a power wheelchair. When I woke up, I was haunted by the thought. I mean, does it mean that now we can’t go places together ? No, it doesn’t . This power wheelchair seats two and for far less than shelling out for a golf cart !