Wheelchair accessible helicopters?!

I live on Vancouver Island and would love to travel to Vancouver via helicopter, if only to cut down the travel time from downtown in my city to downtown Vancouver. Currently, we have to drive 30 minutes to the airport, board a plane and fly 30 minutes, then find a cab and ride for 40 minutes to get downtown in Vancouver, which uses up more time and energy than it’s worth. If we had wheelchair accessible helicopters on Vancouver Island, we wouldn’t have to drive to the heliport because we are close. Then we just have to board the helicopter and fly for 20ish minutes and land in downtown Vancouver,wasting far less of my precious energy. I might have to make this my mission to get wheelchair accessible helicopter travel to Vancouver Island. Meanwhile, check out this video from Maui. If this man can travel via helicopter, a 130-pound woman with hemiplegia certainly can!

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