Another one?!

Had another hospital stay this weekend. The good news is that I only have 5 aneurysms in my brain not 6. The bad news is that it’s because another one burst .

I recall my neurologist telling me about the aneurysms, that they were small and in an area of my brain that should not cause problems. Also they were allegedly not the type that should burst. Well that’s 2 of 7 burst, I think that I’m entitled to an apology!

Watch “Ottawa protests have been ‘hell,’ says man living with disabilities” on YouTube GROW UP

Many disabled people don’t like to leave the house much, even before the pandemic hit, because they are all too aware that the attitudes of others are unkind at best, but put the extra stress of those others, now being worked up into a lather of rage, it’s just not safe for us. I find myself saying the words GROW UP multiple times a day. Especially when news stories are covering the freedumb rally, or some other anti-vaccine nonsense, because they ARE ALL ACTING LIKE CHILDREN IN THE MIDDLE OF A TEMPER TANTRUM πŸ™„. I really hope that none of these people ever have to be in a wheelchair because they are not nearly strong enough to deal with it. If you can’t handle a couple of years in a mask without whining, I’d hate to see you have to learn how to walk again. STOP FUNDING THESE MORONS! They do NOT deserve your money 😀

Singer Jann Arden tweeted the best comment about the truckers. She wrote, Me Me Me Me Me Me Me, Me Me Me Honk Honk Honk Honk Me Me Me Honk Me. I would have thrown in a couple of whaaahs, but still the best tweet of the topic so far πŸ‘Œ

For every musician out there, I present the legendary, iconic, some would say the best guitarist with a career spanning 6 decades this year, Keith Richards, making a mistake in front of thousands! Enjoy. And don’t be so hard on yourself.

Mick Jagger laughing while singing is perfect! Why everyone didn’t just follow Ronnie, I will never know. What a great moment. So funny.