It even drives through snow?! And it’s not available in Canada yet?

How is this possible? A power wheelchair that can raise you up to the top shelf at the grocery store and climb stairs and descend stairs and goes through snow like a plow and fits into the back of a tesla X. AND YOU CAN’T BUY IT IN CANADA! My rant is done.

But seriously, watch this thing take on the snow!

Scewo bro wheelchair is available to test drive in the USA…

The stair climbing wheelchair from Switzerland has finally made it across the pond to the USA 🇺🇸. My question is how much longer will I have to wait until I can finally test it out for myself, with an eye towards purchasing, of course. In the video below, Scewo representatives are in Utah for a test 6 it covers everything that the wheelchair does, including fit into the back of an SUV.

A stair assist from Norway that hemiplegics can use?!

As someone who prefers doing the things that I can do ,climbing and decending stairs is a hit and miss situation depending upon my level of energy at the time. I feel the overuse of my whole right/non paralyzed side in my muscles for days afterward. I can see this clever invention from Norway can help. If you’re hemiplegic or just dealing with temporary hemiperesis, I encourage you to watch the video below and see if you think it would help your issues with the enemy stairs 😉

I found something that will allow me, a wheelchair user, to live anywhere, so we’re moving.

My husband and I have become distraught with our home situation. The things that sold us on our condo, on the ground floor, wood burning fireplace, downtown location, and the ability for hubby to smoke his cigarettes in the enclosed patio space, have been taken from us via the strata council, or,in the case of living downtown,have not been comfortable for me emotionally., so we’re looking for a new place and putting our place up for sale. I’m very excited to see some places on Monday. We’ve picked 4 places in 4 different locations around the city, and I can’t wait to start the process because of the product in the video below, we’re looking at places that are a little bit higher up than the first floor!

If you are a wheelchair user, like myself, and would love to live anywhere but the ground floor, I highly recommend you watch the video closely. I’m particularly looking forward to the 2 floor penthouse on the list that I never thought I’d be able to consider!

And it’s officially winter

I live in the warmest city in Canada . During the winter, it’s rare for us to get snowfall, let alone of any real depth. So, imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning ,and looked out the window to see this!

It won’t last long, though we had a bit of a cold snap, but temperatures are on the rise shortly, and it’ll be too warm for snow by weeks end.

Xmas came early for Graham

I’ve been meaning to replace Graham’s old kitten tree ever since he grew out of it, mere months after purchasing. Back before we knew that he’s a Maine coon mix.

Just as Graham the kitten grew into the handsome cat,so must his kitten tree grow. And grow it did. It went from nearly halfway up the wall to this

His eyes lit up, and it only took a second, and he’d conquered the apex.

He’s been in need of more exercise, and we couldn’t change the square footage of our condo, so building up made sense . I found this on Amazon, and it wasn’t horribly pricey. It only took the hubby 10 minutes to assemble, and it’s quite sturdy. Sturdy enough to deal with 20 pounds of Graham jumping onto it with some speed behind him.

Happy HoHo Graham

Tyler Bucket reacts to my neck of the woods in British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦

Since he’s so impressed with the area, I would like to extend an invitation to you, Mr Bucket, to visit British Columbia, specifically Vancouver island. We have something pretty cool that I’d love to show you . It’s outdoors, and yet I can do it in my power wheelchair 👩‍🦼. And I can guarantee it’ll spark a childish glee.

Please leave a comment below if you’re interested.

Watch “Disability Etiquette: How We Can All Be More Considerate in 2023” on YouTube

And we’re back with our lovely British lady to discuss disability etiquette. Things like shopping, parking, and toilets even hotel rooms, Gem takes you from what each thing is, why it’s important and necessary for someone and why you shouldn’t use it.