And where are you from? 

I’m from Canada. 

This is the new leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau. He’s young, smart, not bad to look at, comes from a political family, has a good heart  and  is respected around the world, most certainly by women because he says things like this 

His mother has famously struggledwith mental illness and he honours her like this

He loves his wife and kids 

He does things like this, 

Trudeau helps man in wheelchair

And this 

Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees

And this 

Canada to legalize Marijuana this spring

And this 

Trudeau is the first Prime Minister to march in the Pride parade. He’s done so,since before becoming leader

Has he made mistakes? Of course, but to my mind, the pros outweigh the cons. 

 All in all, a leader of whom we can be proud. 
Recently, I posted a poll on twitter, asking if you approve of the person who leads your country, so far the results are interesting, but there’s no way to know where each vote comes from. I’m posting this in hopes of opening a discussion on world  leaders, the good, the bad and the bigly ugly.

So please use the comments section to introduce your leader and tell us what you like or dislike about them 

Let’s Make A DEAL

Canada we have an opportunity on Monday, February 13th prime minister Justin Trudeau will be  un  welcomed by Donald Trump at the white house. Trudeau will have the so called presidents undivided attention as long as the meeting takes place early in the day,when he’s focused. We need to appeal to the famous business man ,the deal maker.

 We need to tempt his vanity by assuring he would go down in history as doing the  biggest deal EVER.Appeal to his greed MOST MONEY MADE ON ONE SALE EVER.MOST MONEY MADE IN ONE SALE EVER. Sell the United States of America to Canada and a few other countries for 2 trillion dollars you can say that you were a trillionaire 2 times over before Bill Gates crossed the trillion mark. How do we get the money?  In this global climate think about who you want to live next door to.  I have a list;

Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland Japan, France ,Iceland, Slovenia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, the UK. All countries that hold spots in the top 11 for human rights if we all pitch in we should be able to make it happen or at least several installments big enough to turn his head. We will happily run your country for you and life WILL BE MUCH BETTER. 

Cat got your tongue? 

I have the world’s weirdest cat,in the best way. Boo,likes it when I boop her nose,so much so,she lets me keep my finger on her little nose for minutes at a time. She likes to lick my fingers during these long boop sessions and likes it when I try to capture her sandy little tongue between my forefinger and thumb. Today, it seems I was pretty quick because I caught her tongue.  Weirdly she loved it.   She wrestled her little tongue away and began to groom my forearm for about a half hour. It’s rare in life to get the opportunity to turn the tables on such a  silly saying, but proud tell you that it’s not only possible for you to get your cat’s tongue, but one of the coolest feeling experiences I’ve had with her. 

I remember Mary 

Mary Tyler Moore died last week at the age of 80. Along with her dies a big part of my childhood. When I was young, I couldn’t wait to grow up and get my own apartment, just like Mary’s.  She was the first single woman on TV, unapologetically living her life. Not afraid to be picky about her suitors, only afraid to settle for less. My admiration for Mary goes a lot farther back than the Mary Tyler Moore show. Mary was taking a stand for feminism well before that. in the 60s, the Dick Van Dyke show gave us the perfect married couple with Rob and Laura Petrie .

The perfect Petries

Mary was 25 years old when the show first aired and parts of her were already famous. Her stint on the John Forsyth show, Richard Diamond private detective  as Sam had made her voice and her dancer’s  legs famous .

The Richard Diamond days.

But it was for covering her legs that she began her feminist journey. As Laura Petrie, Mary fought for and was finally allowed to wear Capri pants in one scene per episode . This was a controversial act in that women on TV wore skirts and dresses exclusively. But Mary said nuts to that ,walnuts that is:D

Sexy in pants

But it wasn’t until she got her own show that Mary took the feminist mantle into her personal life when she created Enterprises along with husband Grant Tinker, a production company that, not only produced the Mary Tyler Moore show, but many others including the Bob Newhart show, Lou Grant, Remington Steele and WKRP in Cincinnati.

Her talent behind the scenes was only bested by her talent on camera. Warm,funny, engaging and sexy, that was Mary.

I’d like to conclude this by sharing some of my favorite of Mary’s scenes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Whoever thought that walnuts could be so sexy?

Imagination what imagination?

Chuckling for Chuckles

Opening tribute

Curtain call

We miss you, Mary!

Netflix doubles down on locking women up. (Spoilers )

Orange is the new black is a show about women in prison, a drama, a comedy at times and a tear jerker. It gives us a look into the lives of the female prison population from a very personal perspective. All the lesbian sex and boob shots one would expect from Hollywood but we actually get to know each of the women attached to those boobs, from how they each ended up in prison, to their hopes for the future With the added bonus of being a true story, Orange is the new black has become the hallmark for incredibly well written female characters,in all shapes, ages, colours and sizes. As you’d expect from a show produced in the USA, the lesbian aspect is treated,either as shocking , or as funny,I  guess to make the less enlightened viewer more comfortable. In one of the best roles of the show, Lea Delaria as Big Boo is as vulnerable as she is intimidating, and is a joy to watch. 

Lea Delaria shows off her dramatic acting chops

Orange is the new black is a progressive character driven show of high quality. 

If you’re looking for a show like Orange is the new black, but without all the American hang ups about female sexuality, out of Australia comes Wentworth, in my opinion, far superior to Orange is the new black . The characters seem more realistic even though this show was based on another hit show called Prisoner and not a real life experience. Each show begins with the star OITNB Taylor Chapman, W Bea Smith entering prison and follows them through their stay. Taylor seems more naive at first than Bea, but she’s younger. While the women of Wentworth make the girls of Orange look like babies, the plot line of Wentworth is more sophisticated, the male characters are better looking and less douchey than those of OITNB. and lesbianism is presented as a normal thing that happens. 

Wentworth proving that teal is the new orange

Then,there’s Pamela Rabe, an actress in her late 50s who has become the surprise sex symbol of the show. Her character, Joan Ferguson goes from governor  (or warden ) to psych patient ,playing the transition perfectly, Pamela has the unique ability to make the smallest muscles in her face tell a story . I can’t wait to see more of her. 

Pamela Rabe as governor Joan Ferguson gives the best performance on television

I was recently turned onto Wentworth by a friend, after seeing the first episode, my craving for a new season of Orange went away. Wentworth season 5 will air this year.  It’s easy to see why actresses are clamoring to be locked up, if they get roles like these 

So, if you haven’t already enjoyed all 4 seasons of Wentworth before Orange is the new black returns in June.