Dream vacation 

I’m currently in the middle of my second cold in 3 weeks. Being sick really puts me in a foul mood. So, I’ve been trying to find something positive to fill my days.  That positive thing has been where I’d want to travel, when finally out of my wheelchair.  Because of my stroke last August, the trip I’d been thinking about taking to Russia last October was scrapped. Honesty, the thought of traveling with my wheelchair seems far too difficult. So I’ve been daydreaming of my next trip, that will likely happen years from now. I’m a lover of history, architecture, art and food. This trip will feed the need for all those things. Also it should be mentioned that I hate hot weather and beaches, which is why this will be a fall/winter trip.

Beginning in October of the year ? ? my husband and I will fly to St.Petersburg, Russia, where I can finally get to see architecture like this in person. 

See the Kirov ballet perform in their home theatre, the Mariinsky. 

Eat real borscht and caviar. 

And finally get to see the treasures housed inside the Hermitage museum without having to be online at googleartproject.com

Hermitage museum

Next, we’ll be off to Berlin, Germany the one city in Germany, I want to see, mostly because of the fallen wall and the older part of the city. 

But also for the comfort food of my childhood made by experts. 

Pretzel, kassler ribs and knoedel yum!

Berlin is home to plenty of museums, but the one at the top of my list is their natural history museum, the museum fur Naturkunde. 

The last stop on this historic European dream vacation will be a commune  that dates back to 2000 BC!  We’ll be off to the Cote d’azure in southeastern France to the gorgeous commune of Eze, lcoated between Nice and Monaco . Eze is known for its art scene and it’s gastronomic delights.  There are no vehicles allowed in Eze and there are steps everywhere, so it’s imperative that I be able to walk, by the time we go. 

View of Eze

Steps and beautiful stone architecture

I already know which hotel we’ll be staying in, the Chateau Eza, pricey, but we’ve got years to save up.

Hotel entrance

Junior suite

Amazing view

Then, there’s the food. Being on the Mediterranean, seafood is a specialty. Being in France, you can besure it’ll be great. 

My mouth waters just looking at the photo

Then it will be back home, though not historic, is still a pretty nice place to live. 

Can’t wait to turn the dream into reality, 

Costume ideas for kids in wheelchairs 

This year, as my abilities have changed, I started looking into creative costuming for people, like myself,  in wheelchairs .I was pleasantly surprised to see a ton of great ideas for kids, so I thought I’d share them here, starting with some nerdy favourites

Doctor Who Tardis

Tie fighter another favorite

Bat – mobile

Very cleverly designed for walking or sitting

Then some very creative and not so nerdy entries.

A wagon is a good way to get younger kids out

Princess in her carriage

If she prefers not to be enclosed, this is a great option

That’s it for the kids costuming. 

While I was searching, I stumbled upon this amputee Para – athletewhose Halloween ideas are the stuff of creative genius. I can’t wait to see this year’s costume! 

A tip for atheists during cold and flu season 

Have you ever wondered why we say certain things? As a word nerd, I think about it often. For instance, the phrase bless you, said following someone sneezing began as god bless you and was shortened. But why say this after an ordinary human action? The answer is as ridiculous as you’d expect. In 590 AD, the time of the plague, yes the plague,  it became a custom as one of the first signs of the disease was a sneeze, to ward off the evil spirits that were thought to be the cause of the plague. Even though we now know that the cause of the plague is bacteria carried by rodents, specifically rats, we’re still stupidly clinging to an entirely outdated superstition as a way of being polite. If we say nothing, we’re impolite asshats, but what if you don’t believe in superstitious nonsense? 

 Over the past 2 weeks, I have been conducting a little experiment of sorts. My husband has sneezing issues in the mornings and I’ve been trying to find something to say to acknowledge his discomfort that doesn’t stick in my throat, but that’s unoffensive to the public at large. I do believe I found it. 

The phrase is PLESS YOU.  Because it rhymes, it took my husband until I told him what I was saying to hear it. People will hear what they’re used to hearing, so they won’t be offended,or even notice  and you don’t have to feel like a hypocrite . Pless has 2 meanings currently. It’s in the urban dictionary as a “lazy “way of saying please and it’s a medical term meaning a clinical trial in urology. Either way, not offensive and in the case of the medical meaning, just as nonsensical as the original. 

Although I’d prefer to say,  “what? You just sneezed “,  or “you are so good looking ” which is a lie cause NOBODY is good looking while sneezing ,my Canadian nature forces me to at least pretend  to be ‘polite ‘

Anyone have anything better? 


Sick and WTF? 

For the past few days, I’ve been sick, headachy, fever, stuffy nose.  The usual, right?  Not so after a stroke. I had one symptom that terrified me to my  core and made me lash out by saying things that I, not only didn’t mean, but truly can’t believe I said to my husband ,who doesn’t deserve that kind of vitriol in the slightest.  What is this horrific symptom, I hear you ask My body and my brain  kind of disconnected. To the point where I couldn’t get to the toilet  by myself, something I was able to do for almost a month before leaving hospital care. The fear gripped me that I was now getting worse and wouldn’t get better again. I’m not remotely ready to give up what little independence I’ve been able to earn back.over the past year. I wish someone had prepared me for this, or mentioned it at all. I’d been thinking that I had finally gotten a handle on my emotions because I hadn’t cried uncontrollaby in a while then along comes frustration, anger and fear all wrapped up together and taking over. I had no defense as I heard the things  coming out of my mouth, that horrified me and put my husband into, what can only be called an angry silence .

And so, my journey continues, hopefully still happily married. 

Why do I care who wins? 

Barack Obama current “leader of the free world “

I’m a Canadian, living in Canada so what do I care about the election in the USA? Why do I consider this my business? 

America considers itself a leading country and the presidency ,the most powerful job in the world. In fact, one of my biggest pet peeves is the phrase leader of the free world to describe the job. I’ll tell you why later. The other crown they have bestowed upon themselves is the title of the world’s police. This is the  reason why I care who wins. As, by far the biggest military power on earth, who is not afraid of starting wars on  relatively small provocation the outcome of this election means a great deal. No country on earth wants someone who seriously asks the Pentagon, why can’t we just nuke them?  in charge of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. As their next door neighbor , the thought of a Trump presidency is a frightening one, not because he’s dangerous, but because he’s so reactive. The first presidential debate was tonight and while Trump was using much calmer language than he used during the Republican debates or his rallys, he still made it clear that he has no clue about foreign policy, or diplomacy.

I’m sure many American voters don’t think too much about foreign policy, but they should. Take it from Canada, being diplomatic is a very important skill to master. We’ve been virtually unscathed terror-wise. The worst we’ve gotten from the middle east recently,  is Iran using our first nations people as an example of human rights violations while defending their own  violations to the United Nations ,which fell pretty flat. A good reputation in the world as a peace keeping, polite society keeps you out of harms way , unless you live next door to a nation lead by someone who clearly has no idea what the job entails. 

A smug, narcissistic sadist who thinks he’s above the law and can dish it out but can’t take it. Who sits up till the wee hours searching the Internet for new enemies, by which I mean anyone who says anything bad about him. Seriously, what did Rosie O’Donnell even do to him to warrant years of verbal abuse?  I’m actually asking because I missed it.  His reactionary mind will make america a bigger target for terrorism and i’m thinking kim Jong Un might have questionable aim. I really have no idea how any poor person would vote for a man who considers a million dollars, a very small loan https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/03/03/trumps-false-claim-he-built-his-empire-with-a-small-loan-from-his-father/

As a feminist, I’ll never understand how any woman can support the guy who said any one of the following things to any woman. 

And what is wrong with anyone who actually buys what he says about companies who outsource jobs to China and Mexico and how this must stop. 

I found the above pictures by searching Google for Trump clothes labels.Pretty easy to fact check that one. Putting his upcoming court cases  for child rape and federal fraud , aka RICO charges side,  Trump is a classic bully who can’t stop from being baited into a confrontation. He relishes the opportunity to humiliate anyone, including his daughter. Remember this?

He’s not “weird ” Ms Behar he’s incestuous and sick to even entertain the thought, let alone say it on television. 

My favorite Trump moment tonight came after the debate was over and a reporter asked Donald how he thought he did and he bragged about how proud he was that he was able to not mention Bill Clinton’s indiscretions like he deserves a medal. He only served himself by not pointing out that Hillary was strong enough to stay in her marriage, honoring her vow to a man who did exactly what Trump did to at least 2 of his 3 wives. You can bet Hillary has that response locked and loaded, awaiting the opportunity. 

Conversely, my favorite Clinton moment was this well worded fuck you. 

This will be my last post on the US election.  If your mind isn’t made up yet ,you have bigger issues than I can address. 

On to other stupidity. 

I almost forgot, why do I hate the expression the leader of the free world?  It’s not true . There are well more than 50 free countries worldwide that are not lead by the American president, mine included. It’s insulting and disrespectful of our sovereignty. 

The front row overreaction 

Yesterday, Mark Cuban responded with a yes to the Clinton campaign’s invitation to sit in the front row of Mondays debate. Mark Cuban is a billionaire reality show star and is a nemesis of Trump. The invite was a somewhat dickish move meant to put Trump off his game.

Billionaire Mark Cuban

 But nowhere near as shitty as what Trump responded with. It was announced today that Trump will have a guest of his own in the front row in order to throw Clinton into a breakdown (I guess ) and her name is Ginnifer Flowers.

Ginnifer Flowers, Bill Clintons mistress from the 90’s

Current photo of Flowers

 In case you are too young to remember, Ms Flowers was having a consensual sexual relationship with Bill Clinton in the 90’s.Frankly I’m more surprised that the front row will not include these two as well. 

Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment

Monica Lewinsky the intern who famously had an affair with the former president. Sometimes a cigar …

Trump’s reactions are generally over the top, but this one is truly deplorable. Is there no one in the Trump camp that remembers this? 

Hillary under fire during Benghazi hearings

Hillary’s been on the receiving end of the Republican shit storm for decades and, not only is she still standing, she’s thriving. Her skin has become thicker over time  So someone from over 20 years ago won’t put a dent in her armor. I fully expect that the look on Hillary’s face after the debate will look like this  …

And Donald’s will look like this after Hillary brings up the fact that he cheated on 2 of his 3 wives and will go to trial for raping a child ..