Covid update

Update on the covid situation in the house. The hubby’s has tested negative for covid for several days, while I still don’t feel like I’m over all of the symptoms yet, I’m still blowing my nose frequently and my fever came back, I tested negative for the first time today. So I guess the low grade fever and the stuffy nose and the thick phlegm that I cough up is symptomatic of something else or the test didn’t work. Right now, my biggest fear is long covid, because it’s a possibility, though not a probability (I hope). I’m really not a hypochondriac, I swear! Just a likely overinformed person with nothing but time on my hands and an addiction to researching things on my tablet.

The really good news is that I must have a fairly strong immune system, because my covid symptoms were only a little worse than hubby’s . Either that or his immune system is lacking due to his smoking.


Still alive and something else

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I might live through the virus and today I awoke to the very pleasant surprise that I don’t have a fever anymore! It’s been exhausting and more than a little worrisome having a fever for so many days. What a relief! Thanks vaccine!

Now for the something else.

This music video was posted 3 days ago and it’s something that everyone should see and hear. You might remember the song by Christina Aguilera called Beautiful from a few years back, written by the incredibly talented Linda Perry ❤️. This is a new video for the 2022 version that is very powerful. It speaks to the youth of the world and us not so young as well. Please watch to the end because there is important information about your kids and how much you don’t know about what’s hurting them.

Technology is a tricky thing. It greatly helps us communicate with the world, but at what cost?

I got some bad news today

This past Friday night my husband had a bad chill and was fatigued, but by Sunday night night the chill was gone and his energy levels were better. Unfortunately, for me, by Sunday night I had chills and a fever and slept most of today away, so hubby broke open the covid tests and within a half hour we had the results. Hubby has covid and… so do I. If you’ve been with me for awhile, then you understand what is terrifying me about the news, even though I’m fully vaccinated.

I AM IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. When I had my stroke 7 plus years ago, it did a number on my throat (wasn’t allowed to swallow, even my own spit, for a month with af eeding tube down my throat) and my lungs (a couple of months with chest tubes draining the water and orange juice that the good Samaritans had given me, because everything I swallowed ended up in my lungs.. several years later just after covid19 was a thing and I was about to get my first vaccine, my neurologist wrote a letter to warn my Healthcare providers. The one sentence he wrote that I can’t get out of my head is. She is IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. As we should know by now, a large percentage of the people who have died from this virus, had an underlying issue.

While this news is absolutely not good news for me, it’s not as terrifying as it could be, if only because I’ve already lived 7 years and and 2 months of borrowed time (because the stroke should have killed me) and have lived through a horrible diagnosis of metastatic myxoma of the cerebellum, that I thought every day for a year was going to kill me, until the same neurologist explained that death was still fairly far off. The experience of that year was helpful because I was able to make my peace with my death, even finding the doctor who would help when the time comes.

I’ve been VERY CAREFUL about the pandemic and this is my first time with covid. I’m trying not to overreact, but I’m scared. 57 is definitely too young to die, but I’ve lived a life and no matter what this virus brings, I’m alright with it. Still crossing my fingers that it’s not the worst that could happen, but these last 7 years and 2 months have been some of the happiest of my life and if it has to end, at least I had that.


If any of you are manual wheelchair users and would like to be understood by your significant others, may I suggest doing what this clever young lady does and set up some challenges for them to perform in the wheelchair. I can guarantee that they will appreciate the struggles that you face on a daily basis . The first challenge should be to make their way to a nearby store so they can enjoy the shitty treatment from the general public, but this woman apparently loves her husband VERY MUCH, and likely thought that would be too mean. I really appreciated the fun loving attitude that the husband had throughout each challenge. The physical effort involved is nothing, when compared with the lack of energy and the inevitable brain fog that occurs when the injury is a brain injury. The exhaustion is physical and mental. Videos like this one really make me appreciate my power wheelchair., even though the mental exhaustion and brain fog still exist, because of the concentration that has to happen while driving any vehicle, it IS much easier physically.

Watch “Conservative TikToker Wants To Go Back To The 1950’s” on YouTube WHAT?!

This is something that I’ve been noticing for a few years now and I fully agree with the woman who unpacks the whole thing. It just seems as if women are being “put in their place “from all sides and in many more countries than feels healthy. The sad thing is that it’s coming from women too.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about how feminism is this big evil thing, when all feminism really is, is the right to choose your life’s path and not forced into someone else’s idea that you should be pregnant and in the kitchen, in pearls and heels, unless that’s what YOU want.

Please go and read the lyrics for the song I am woman. And remember that when I was born 57 years ago was when we had heard it all before and had been down there on the floor and just wanted to be able to enjoy the human experience, the whole human experience. We are humans after all aren’t we? And it still took years before we could rent an apartment without a man’s signature, or get a credit card in our name, and so on. Not to mention the right to our own bodily autonomy. Freedom is the ability to choose That’s something I learned the hard way just over 7 years ago. Think about all of the things that you are now ‘allowed ‘to do that you weren’t allowed to do in 1965 and ask yourself what you really want for your life to look like.

It’s important to remember to respect each other’s choices, ladies. If you want the Donna Reed existence I will applaud you and if you want to be Doctor Donna Reed I will clap just as hard because it’s what YOU WANT! All I ask is that you do the same for my choices whether or not you agree with them because you’re applauding the fact that we’re allowed to choose.

Watch “What are the Northern Lights? | Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains…” on YouTube

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen the northern lights 3 times in my life. The first time, I was in Prince Rupert, in northern British Columbia, the second time was just outside of Stockholm Sweden and the last time I was in Hazelton in northern British Columbia again . All three sightings were so amazing ! It’s such a beautiful sight. But I had no idea what I was seeing, REALLY.

Why do I love Naomi Smalls?

As a young teen in 1980, I always had my nose buried in either a book or a magazine.  I loved to read, but something I loved more was looking at pictures of beautiful models who graced the pages of mags like Harper’s bazaar, Elle,W,and even the canadian Chatelaine magazine were where I dreamed of being a cover model . There was one fashion magazine that I actually subscribed to, meaning it came to my house every month for a total of 4 years and that magazine was the big one, the Bible for fashionistas,of course I’m talking about Vogue. I used to quote it chapter and verse. I knew all the models by name and the designers, and the photographers. I wanted to be a model so badly that I convinced my parents to send me to a modeling school in Vancouver on weekends for several months and we lived an hours drive and a ferry then another 45 minutes by car away.  Even though I never became a model, I did get a two pictures in a fashion magazine and walked a few runways, I still know all the models names and enjoy watching runway shows on YouTube.  What does any of this have to do with Naomi Smalls?

Naomi Smalls

Naomi and her ridiculously long legs first strutted onto RuPaul’s Drag Race in season 8 and she’s just a supermodel when she walks,  the strut,the confidence and the sex appeal,it’s all there. She even bares a resemblance to a more recent top model,  Joan Smalls .

Puerto Rican beauty Joan Smalls

And she’s been in the pages of my Bible,  Vogue!

Not just a model, a Vogue model

I feel a kinship with Naomi and that’s why I went to see her wearing head to toe Micheal Kors as a show of respect  from one model to another. Even the placement of my wheelchair in my photo from the show is on purpose so I didn’t block her and her gorgeous dress!

Naomi is on the left,  looking statuesque

So to answer the title question… because I understand her and her fantasy and they’re both beautiful.

Watch “American Reacts to Amazing Places to Visit in Canada” on YouTube

So I’ve been following this guy’s YouTube channel for a few weeks now and I have to recommend it highly, especially if you’re into learning about Canada 🇨🇦. Over the past few weeks this self professed average American has been reacting to videos on YouTube about various aspects of Canada as a country and I, as a Canadian fully approve.

However I do have a bit of advice for this fellow. Please stop introducing yourself as a typical American because it isn’t true. The average American doesn’t generally want to learn about other countries and certainly has little to no interest in Canada until they meet someone who is Canadian and show them just how little they know or care about their northern neighbor. Which I know personally as I, a Canadian woman, lived in the USA for just under 20 years.

I realize that the subject of Canada is boring to most Americans and the reason for this is that Canada isn’t as skilled as the USA is when it comes to creating hype. I’ve long said that hype is the only thing America still successfully creates. In Canada, on the other hand the only real hype that we’ve created is around the sport of hockey. So much so that regardless of the outcome of a hockey game half the audience will riot over it.

Thankfully our politics are pretty boring, because we have more than two political parties involved we don’t have the same political division. Don’t get me wrong there is some division, but it’s not like we’re heading towards a civil war or anything like that. As a matter of fact, we have 5 political parties in Canada and two official languages in which to agree or disagree . Et c’est vres!

Another reason Canada is so boring is that we have quite a bit of elbow room. With just one tenth of the population of the USA, and much more land, we are free to enjoy our personal space far more than countries with denser populations, and can stay out of each other’s way. Of course there is still violence that exists here,but after our last massacre we took a much harder stance on guns, which has saved us from having daily mass shootings like they have south of the border.

Kudos to this young man for his curiosity about his northern neighbor, his eagerness to learn and his honesty when he doesn’t know something because it’s just very refreshing to see from way up here.