Time for yet another confession

It’s an embarrassing thing to admit, even after the massive stroke and the cerebral aneurysms completely taking my independence. I’ve had 2 aneurysms burst, now and unfortunately both times, loss of bladder control for a period of 2 to 3 months happened, which means that I must wear a pull up diaper. Yesterday marked the 4th day without an accident, and just after I mentioned that to my mom this afternoon, OOPS, wet diaper. I’m coming up on my 57th birthday this year and I feel like I’m too old and too young to have a diaper on constantly. Brain damage can and likely will take your dignity as well as your independence, identity and happiness. Even though I understand that it’s something I can expect with each burst aneurysm, it still makes me not want to leave my home, even though the diapers work very well and rarely leak. It even makes me uncomfortable to sleep next to my husband and is it any wonder when they make you look this sexy?

Not a photo of me!

Watch “GAY! – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody” on YouTube

I have issues with people who want to see groups of other people silenced. Especially groups that are already marginalized. Ron DeSantis has been pushing his don’t say gay bill and I would love to tell him just where he should be pushing it, but instead, may I present Randy Rainbow and his perfect response .

Boxing fans should be paying attention to the news. Putin should put up or shut up.

So, if you’ve been with me since March of 2012,you might recall a post I wrote entitled the sweet science in which I confess my love of heavyweight boxing. This post includes an image that is very interesting today, politically.

As I’m sure you know, Russia has attacked Ukraine. And as I found out this morning that the mayor of the largest city in the Ukraine, Kiev is someone known to me, in Canada as one of the world’s best heavyweight title holders. Ironically, I was recently wondering what ever happened to the Klitschko Brothers and it turns out that one of them is the mayor of Kiev. Here he is in his official mayoral portrait,

Vitali Klitschko

And here he is with his brother as I very fondly remember them

If we could choose the ones doing the fighting. Klitschko vs Putin is a fight I’d pay to see. Man to man. Gloves off!


You probably don’t think that being a wheelchair user is something to celebrate, but, if you need one you know how important today is! Especially for those who need a wheelchair, but can’t get one for whatever reason, be it affordability, location or? And if you need a power wheelchair, like I do, the affordability factor can be a real issue as they can run up to 10,000 dollars and beyond. In my next video I’ll introduce you to my 3 wheelchairs ♿ And if you see someone in a wheelchair today, please wish them a happy international wheelchair day!

Another one?!

Had another hospital stay this weekend. The good news is that I only have 5 aneurysms in my brain not 6. The bad news is that it’s because another one burst .

I recall my neurologist telling me about the aneurysms, that they were small and in an area of my brain that should not cause problems. Also they were allegedly not the type that should burst. Well that’s 2 of 7 burst, I think that I’m entitled to an apology!