Spinoff please?



Last Sunday evening marked a sad event in television, the loss of the best female character to ever grace the screen. With the airing of the final episode of the Good Wife, we must come to grips with the loss of Diane Lockhart, a socially progressive liberal feminist who routinely mentors other female lawyers. Ironically married to a Republican gun loving ballistic expert, Diane, while only a secondary character is a wonderfully realized character. She’s a character whose life I, personally would love to see explored more deeply.  Acted beautifully by Christine Baranski , Diane Lockhart is a force. Both powerful and vulnerable with all that entails. A woman to emulate. A role model for young women and a reminder for the over 40’s that we can achieve equality. It was absolutely correct to end the series with the slap heard round the world.


Even though she will still be seen on Big Bang Theory as Beverly Hoffstader, I will miss Ms. Baranski’s genius portrayal of Diane Lockhart, which, in my opinion, is more than strong enough to carry a series.


**Update. An hour after this was posted, I saw a headline announcing a spinoff starring Baranski and Cush Jumbo, who plays Luca Quin is in the works.

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