Welcome to the family

Been home for just over 2 months and things are going as well as can be expected. Physio twice a week, still making small improvements. The big news is that there’s a new addition to the family. She’s a 5 year old tortoise shell cat named Boo.


We found her at our local SPCA. Aside from being gorgeous, Boo has many wonderful traits. She’s affectionate, hilarious , comes when called, sweet and adorable. Boo is special in that she has only a quarter of her tail, so balance is very difficult.


Maybe that’s why she understands and seems to love my wheelchairs. Most of the day she’s sitting in either the power chair or the manual one if she wants privacy. 20160405_134746.jpgBoo has been both a welcome and wonderful addition to our home.


The best company I could hope to have.

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