The biggest problem with the Me Too movement. Stupidity!

Last night, Bill Maher used a portion of his hour long platform to talk about his problem with the Me Too movement. It seems that many liberal, feminist leaning men have the same issue with the movement. They all applaud loudly for women sticking up for ourselves, but the first question they need answered is, BUT HOW DO I GET WOMEN TO HAVE SEX WITH ME?

The face women make when it all comes down to the penis, yet again.

They complain that, if everything is illegal, what CAN they do?

My answer is surprisingly simple. Cut the crap and the games, try not looking at us like prey and stop seeing sex as the prize. Forget the pick up lines that rarely work. Women are over it. Instead try getting to know us and letting us get to know you. Most women need to feel like you care an iota about us before jumping into the sack. If you can’t fake that, perhaps, Mr Maher try something you’re good at like opening with a joke. Once we’re laughing we tend to be more open minded also if your sense of humor is funny to us, we feel like we want to be on your side. But most importantly, BE HONEST. Try the fucking truth for once. For example, you see an attractive woman, you walk up to her and say something like, Hi I’m Bill Maher I think your beautiful, how can I get to know you better? Or may I give you my number? If your interested in sex only, may I suggest a prostitute? I’m pretty sure that you know that that’s what they’re there for. Or perhaps a groupie, since you’re lucky enough to actually have some. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and a woman might come up to you and give you her card and say, Please call me if you’re interested in getting to know me, like I did with my husband.

I’m also calling stupidity on the women of the movement. You can’t change the rules of the game without telling men what the new rules are. If you’re a true feminist, you need to take the reigns more often and face the possibility of rejection like men have had to do for eons. After all if we really want equality, we need to start acting like it. I’m willing to bet that most liberal and feminist leaning men would be pretty flattered if those feminists started hitting on them for a change.

As for the successful men, like Trump and Cosby and Weinstein and Ailes and O’Reilly and Franken and Ansari and Mr CK, their behavior won’t change unless they’re held accountable and that’s why the movement exists in the first place. And yes I am aware that these men should not be on the same list as far as degree of crime, the thought is the same, that sex is the prize and they need to either trick a woman into giving it to them, or in the case of the first 3 men on the list, take it.


I’m starting to think I need to write a book for women called the do it yourself guide to romance. Yes, it takes guts, but it’s so worth it. I’ve found men appreciate honesty as much, if not more than we do.

I think many men would be surprised by the amount of women that are interested in them.

Thanks to Bill Maher for giving me the angle I needed to write my feelings about this tipping point moment in history, herstory? I’m coining a new word … HUSTORY. human story get it? Maybe if we stopped compartmentalizing by sex it would be easier. But we would have to let go of the word feminist, which I’m betting will be hard fought. But true equality won’t happen until we all make the shift, ladies. All keeping it does is deepen the divide by mere exclusion.

The man, the myth, the legend

Seems like this blog is becoming eulogy – centric of late. 2016 is say goodbye to a legend year. The latest is a true legend both as a boxer and a human being. Mohammed Ali the boxer, while the record should speak for itself, if that’s what you know of him,you don’t know Ali. It was his offstage persona that made him much more fun to watch. Ali knew how to entertain better than some actors and musicians. In his personal life he fought for the right not to fight for his country and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, stripped of his title and made to stay out of the ring for 3 years. Thankfully, he did no jail time, as the US supreme Court overturned the decision 4 years later.
As much of a boxing fan that I am, there are many images I could post, but I believe this image captures the man.


Dangers of opiates

Prince Died From Accidental Overdose of Opioid Painkiller

After 6 plus months of hospitalization, I have an education in pain killers, I never thought I’d have. I understand debilitating pain after my stroke severely intensified a rotator cuff tendinitis that was pre-existing. Unfortunately Tylenol affects me negatively, and doctors don’t want to give ibuprofen, so I allowed myself to be talked into trying morphine  … a horrid, out of control feeling, and finally dilaudid. Dilaudid is a powerful opiate, so you don’t need much. I was taking no more than 2 milligrams at one time, 2 to 3 times per day. Almost impossible to get addicted at that level. The weening off was easy. But that’s me,a control freak with trust issues regarding prescription drugs.
In my 3rd month at hospital, I was in a ward with 3 other women, one of whom was a nurse with a heavy addiction to more than 6 separate  pain killers including methadone ,that she was now getting free whenever she wanted.  Not to mention the 3 types of opiates she brought from home that they trusted her to mention when she took one (misplaced trust ). I counted her pain pill intake one day as 63. This is the kind of dangerous situation that is ripe for legal minds.
Since coming home, I have found the best pain killer for me is half of one gummy bear made with medical Marijuana. Takes away the pain completely and I still function well.
Message here ask what they want to give you for pain or sleep, research the potential dangers and decide for yourself if it’s worth the risk. Though
I’m still greatly saddened by the sudden  loss of such a musical genius , his beautiful music lives on.



Spinoff please?



Last Sunday evening marked a sad event in television, the loss of the best female character to ever grace the screen. With the airing of the final episode of the Good Wife, we must come to grips with the loss of Diane Lockhart, a socially progressive liberal feminist who routinely mentors other female lawyers. Ironically married to a Republican gun loving ballistic expert, Diane, while only a secondary character is a wonderfully realized character. She’s a character whose life I, personally would love to see explored more deeply.  Acted beautifully by Christine Baranski , Diane Lockhart is a force. Both powerful and vulnerable with all that entails. A woman to emulate. A role model for young women and a reminder for the over 40’s that we can achieve equality. It was absolutely correct to end the series with the slap heard round the world.


Even though she will still be seen on Big Bang Theory as Beverly Hoffstader, I will miss Ms. Baranski’s genius portrayal of Diane Lockhart, which, in my opinion, is more than strong enough to carry a series.


**Update. An hour after this was posted, I saw a headline announcing a spinoff starring Baranski and Cush Jumbo, who plays Luca Quin is in the works.

How two blonde sex symbols spawned Olivia Benson.

Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson

For this story of irony and ever changing times we need to travel way back in time to 1893. Before the invention of television and feminism when a prolific entertainer was born. Mary Jane West (aka Mae) came into the world on August 17th of that year embarking on a journey that would change the face of American entertainment for 70 plus years. Mae West was multi-talented as a writer, producer, director, actress and perhaps the first self-made sex symbols of her time.

Mae West

Ms. West famously gave actors Cary Grant and Arnold Schwarzenegger their starts, and not so famously gave a blonde beauty named Jayne a very important introduction to her future husband, Mickey

Jayne Mansfield

In 1956, Mae had a show in th Latin Quarter of New York in which she surrounded herself with body builders, one of whom was Mickey Hargitay. One night Jayne Mansfield was in the audience when her waiter asked what she would like, taking a page from Mae West, she responded, ‘a steak and the tall man on the left.’

Jayne and Mickey

A year later, they were married. In 1964, along came Mariska, unfortunately, later the same year, her parents divorced. Only 3 years later, Mariska and her 2 brothers were asleep in the back seat of the now infamous car in which her mother died.

Raised by her father, Mariska’s life went a little differently than her mother’s. She began her career as a beauty queen, competing in 2 pageants before joining the Groundling theatre to begin her acting career. Likely because of her mother Mariska never really went after the sexy girl roles, instead, after quite a few small parts, landing the role of Olivia Benson on Law and Order SVU through which she founded Joyful Heart Foundation where she helps survivors of domestic abuse, child abuse and sexual abuse. Somehow, I think her mother would have been proud.