Coming back from the dead

IMG_20160515_125244Patrick Duffy looking pretty good for a dead man

For as long as I can remember, television has relied heavily on the fantasy aspect of storytelling. Many of the plot points we now expect began as a shocking impossibility that producers hoped desperately the public would buy. One of the stupidest ideas is the kill off a character only to have them miraculously return, good as new. The first time I recall this was on the show Dallas, when they killed Bobby Ewing,  but it turns out to be a dream. Currently, there are a few shows playing with this idea. On Gotham, everybody who has died so far could and likely will return thanks to Dr.Hugo Strange.

Fish Mooney alive again 


On Game of Thrones, Jon Snow took a big breath last week after being dead for months.


On the Blacklist, they finally killed off the weak link,  Elizabeth Keen. Tomorrow night we will see if that sticks. I truly hope she stays dead.  She’s the worst actress on the show and her character is poorly constructed.IMG_20160515_125104

I am of two opinions regarding the back from the dead plot line. If your show is like Gotham or Thrones and is based in fantasy, there are no rules. However, if like the Blacklist, your show takes place in the real world, you must follow the laws of reality.

Death should not be treated so lightly.

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