The higher they climb, the harder they fall


This week has been chaotic. With our new cat finding his place, which apparently is just in front of anything that moves and really fast. If there was a speeding train in our house he’d be running in front of it, by a mile and the train would trip. Thankfully, little Graham is afraid of my power wheelchair, so he bolts out of any room I’m rolling through. He and Boo are able to be in the same room and are growing closer at Boo’s pace.

When we first got Boo, we spoiled her with all sorts of toys that she never touched, well now they’re being played with, all day and all night long. We’re finding toys we didn’t know were there.

The video this week has a story. I’ve been practicing walking up and down the stairs, so we decided to film it. Everything went great until the end, when I fell. The video above has the fall edited out. The video below is only the fall. I find it interesting that I was able to say the word crap 4 times before hitting the ground. The good news is, I’m not hurt, just a couple of bruises and a goose egg on the back of my head from where it hit the wall.


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