I’m a big cyster (sic)

I’ve shared tales of my background with cysts, both breast and ovarian . Last Friday, another cyst was found and removed in a place I would never have expected … my gums! I’m sure you remember the post entitled the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth that has a photo of me holding the tooth that was extracted and the hole it left in my smile, well the cyst appeared 3 weeks later. My dentist had to re-open the gum and scrape out the cyst up to the jaw bone, put collagen and an antiseptic in the hole and suture it up. I’m now on amoxicillin, a broad spectrum antibiotic for a week . It was so creepy hearing the metal dental tool scraping against bone. Weirdly, the two other extractions I had in January healed perfectly . My dentist had never seen that happen before, a cyst in the site of an extraction. He expected me to be surprised, but all I could say was, “Of course I have another cyst, my body is a cyst factory. ” Get rid of one and 5 more take its place. Back to the dentist on Friday to check on the site and hopefully remove the sutures. Just in case you have a spotty memory, here again is the picture of my missing tooth.

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