Guess where I’m blogging from today. 

Yup, you guessed it, I’m in the hospital again. I know what you’re thinking ,I’m in for the hysterectomy I mentioned, but no.

On Saturday the 17th around 2 in the afternoon, I started having excruciating pain in the middle left of my lower abdomen. I figured it was gas and  told my husband to attend his work Xmas party. The pain got worse and worse. I called the hubby and told him to come home, on his voice mail, then by text  Two hours later he was home and we went to the emergency room. I had a CT scan and an hour later,  found out I had appendicitis and was admitted to hospital. On Sunday afternoon I had laparoscopic surgery to remove my appendix. Tender today, home tomorrow. Hysterectomy pushed back . It feels like my body is rebelling against life.

But it made me think of this scene from the  Big Bang Theory, but in reverse.

FUCK 2016

UPDATE : Just spoke with the surgeon and the appendix was ruptured.  Meaning I could have died,again. My body is not just rebellious, it’s trying to tell me I’m living on borrowed time.

6 thoughts on “Guess where I’m blogging from today. 

  1. Holy cow! Glad it didn’t take you any longer to get care. That appendicitis stuff can get scary super quickly. Healing vibes to you. ❤

    1. The funny part was when explaining my symptoms the doctor and I both rejected appendicitis cause the pain was on the wrong side, then both felt stupid after seeing the results. Thanks for your lovely comment

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