Guess where I’m blogging from today. 

Yup, you guessed it, I’m in the hospital again. I know what you’re thinking ,I’m in for the hysterectomy I mentioned, but no.

On Saturday the 17th around 2 in the afternoon, I started having excruciating pain in the middle left of my lower abdomen. I figured it was gas and  told my husband to attend his work Xmas party. The pain got worse and worse. I called the hubby and told him to come home, on his voice mail, then by text  Two hours later he was home and we went to the emergency room. I had a CT scan and an hour later,  found out I had appendicitis and was admitted to hospital. On Sunday afternoon I had laparoscopic surgery to remove my appendix. Tender today, home tomorrow. Hysterectomy pushed back . It feels like my body is rebelling against life.

But it made me think of this scene from the  Big Bang Theory, but in reverse.

FUCK 2016

UPDATE : Just spoke with the surgeon and the appendix was ruptured.  Meaning I could have died,again. My body is not just rebellious, it’s trying to tell me I’m living on borrowed time.

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    1. The funny part was when explaining my symptoms the doctor and I both rejected appendicitis cause the pain was on the wrong side, then both felt stupid after seeing the results. Thanks for your lovely comment

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