You’ve been Trumped   

This is your president , America . 

Unless the electoral college swings Hillary’s way , or there’s sufficient evidence of voter fraud by the right . Unfortunately both of these scenarios are highly unlikely . As is the idea that the outcome is an elaborate practical joke by Ashton Kutcher .

While I am saddened that so many good people will have to endure both 4 to 8 years of Trump’s legislation and the ridicule of Trump’s supporters , perhaps it’s what needs to happen .  It might sound harsh , but 47% of you didn’t vote ,didn’t think it was important enough . Maybe 4 to 8 years of laying in the bed you made will get you off of your precious asses next time . You acted like children cause you didn’t like either candidate and that made you feel like you weren’t included . Awe poor baby , never learned that politicians aren’t there to be liked , but rather to make the hard choices that hopefully make lives better . Now you must be punished like children and be forced to wear your Halloween costume for at least 4 years . 

Suck it up , buttercup . 

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