And where are you from? 

I’m from Canada. 

This is the new leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau. He’s young, smart, not bad to look at, comes from a political family, has a good heart  and  is respected around the world, most certainly by women because he says things like this 

His mother has famously struggledwith mental illness and he honours her like this

He loves his wife and kids 

He does things like this, 

Trudeau helps man in wheelchair
And this 

Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees
And this 

Canada to legalize Marijuana this spring
And this 

Trudeau is the first Prime Minister to march in the Pride parade. He’s done so,since before becoming leader

Has he made mistakes? Of course, but to my mind, the pros outweigh the cons. 

 All in all, a leader of whom we can be proud. 
Recently, I posted a poll on twitter, asking if you approve of the person who leads your country, so far the results are interesting, but there’s no way to know where each vote comes from. I’m posting this in hopes of opening a discussion on world  leaders, the good, the bad and the bigly ugly.

So please use the comments section to introduce your leader and tell us what you like or dislike about them 

20 thoughts on “And where are you from? 

  1. I’m from California so my world leader is orange, a bully, and I’m ashamed of him. BUT my senators are Kamela Harris and Dianne Feinstein whom I am very proud of, my governor is Jerry Brown and my Vongressional representative is Eric Stawell whom I adore (please Google him- great Demicrat). Soooo, glass not completely empty.

  2. I’m from Virginia, and my world leader is #45, whom I can proudly say I voted against in the last election. There’s reason to roll up my sleeves and do something besides sit on my thumbs and worry. I’m proud of my governor, and hope to help keep him in office for as long as I can still vote. Whether half empty or half full, the glass exists and needs to be acknowledged. Apathy has become dangerous.

    1. Too true. I’m hearing the phrase all that evil needs to thrive is for good men to do nothing, from your country more and more. I can only hope Canadians are smarter, because we have a mini so called 45 waiting in the wings by the name of Kevin O’Leary.

  3. I’m from South Africa. The leader of my country is Jacob Zuma. He is a corrupt, fucking Dickhead and he looks like a bloated Ninja Turtle.

    As for his bad points ….

        1. At least we can be happy it ain’t Mugabe country. Seen recent videos of the fellow? Man should retire and let others rule or misrule the country, whichever is applicable

          1. Seen nothing, Mak. You know me and news. If I want to find out anything about my country on the political front I ask John in Brazil or you!


          2. I see them on Twitter.
            Mrs Mugabe recently said if the husband should die, they will have his corpse running for president from the grave!
            Can ask your neighbors to end Afrophobia

          3. Made it up. Hate of other Africans. There are reports of xenophobia in some places in SA but the reports are that it is not targeting all foreigners.

  4. President Trudeau represents everyting that every leader of the free world should follow. The world right now is full of fear. Fear that Russia will attack the Baltic States, Fear that America and North Korea will go to war. Yet, Trudeau says, this is our military, we will keep it the same way that it has been for 30 years, but with modernised equipment, and then focus on the real issues. The healthcare system, homelessness, education, housing – is-nt that what we should all be striving for? I run a ‘military’ website. But sometimes, I feel ashamed that it seems that I am promoting the military. I’m not. The world will be a better place when we understand each other.

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