Best visit ever 

Day before yesterday, I finally saw the specialist who would answer the looming question, when will I get the hysterectomy my family doctor says I need. I was fully prepared for battle as we, hubby and I, rolled into the office.  I asked the nurse if she needed me on the exam table, to which she replied, I think he just wants to talk with you, but if he decides he wants to examine you, he’ll let you know. We waited about 10 minutes,. Then,the doctor came in and explained that, after looking at all of the images taken over the last year and a half, CT scans,MRI images, Ultra sounds, he sees no red flags everything my family doctor was worried about was entirely normal  … for a woman entering menopause. NO HYSTERECTOMY NEEDED! All the little pains I was having were caused by the appendix acting up. Since the appendectomy has healed I’ve had no pain. So we went shopping, then home to celebrate. No surgery this year, unless I get another life and death surprise. We ate a lovely dinner, had some pink champagne and swayed romantically to slow music. It was a great night. Since then, I’ve noticed my daily pain is lessened and my stress is gone. I can’t believe a doctor did all that with the words, you don’t need surgery. 

Cheers to me 

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  1. Great news! I think doctors just want women to have hysterectomies! My oncologist casually mentioned it when I told her I was considering going off Tamoxifen (the hormone treatment for my stupid breast cancer). Later, I had an appointment with her & told her I had gone off Tamoxifen & she was totally good with it.

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