Relax and enjoy the ride 

There’s a reason we humans are called the human race . We’re always in a rush . it starts in childhood with the rush to grow up.Weather it’s wearing makeup and  high heels or shaving and getting to drive , nothing happens fast enough .  I’ll never understand the urge to rush through this short life, it’s the only one we get after all . Should we really  be lamenting our childhood that flew by too quickly while we’re still children ? 

But it doesn’t stop when we’re grown , or even when we enter our golden years .  For example , my 74 year old mother is always saying it’s summer when it’s barely spring or it’s winter in early October , and while I always call her on it , she still living in the future . I have yet to try, “there are faster ways to get to the grave,  but that’s coming soon. It’s not just individual people either . Yesterday was November 1st and I heard the first Christmas carol of the year ! 

It’s not winter!

 It should be noted that I HATE Christmas carols more than any other music and to be subjected to them for over two months a year every time I leave the house  is tantamount to torture for me .  But , thanks to the brilliantly funny mind of Eric Idle, I now have a song for Christmas that I LOVE .  Here it is for all of you , who , like me , despise the holiday hype . 

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