It took three funny British men  … to make me feel normal for a night. 

Last night, my wonderful husband took me to see the incomparable John Cleese and Eric Idle, live in concert. When I was a teenager, I was the only girl I knew of that liked Monty Python. They were controversial to say the least. Their rebellious comedy had me hooked, and the accents, those wonderfully educated british accents, saying the silliest things I’d heard. Then,three years. ago, I met a British man with the same humour, and I snapped him up. 

These two funny men had me laughing harder than I have since before my stroke. They put on a thoroughly entertaining retrospective of their life’s work with terrific antidotes along the way. The songs were a lot of fun,  especially the last one which is my new favorite Christmas carol. ( who do I have to vivisect for a copy? ) Their irreverence towards life and especially death was just what I needed to hear. Along with an audience laughing, gasping and groaning appropriately. 

The third funny British man, of course is my husband, pictured below cleaning my glasses, with his sexy smile. A man who understands the importance of python in my life. 

4 thoughts on “It took three funny British men  … to make me feel normal for a night. 

  1. Everyone need a bit of Python in their life!
    And good for your husband.

    ”Crucifixion? Good … out the door, line on the left, one cross each. Next!”

  2. One of the reasons I dumped my last boyfriend was he didn’t get the significance of ‘what have the Romans done for us?’ And we were in Rome when I said it! He didn’t so much as smile, never mind laugh. Couldn’t go out with anyone who doesn’t appreciate Life of Brian. 🙂

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