Dream vacation 

I’m currently in the middle of my second cold in 3 weeks. Being sick really puts me in a foul mood. So, I’ve been trying to find something positive to fill my days.  That positive thing has been where I’d want to travel, when finally out of my wheelchair.  Because of my stroke last August, the trip I’d been thinking about taking to Russia last October was scrapped. Honesty, the thought of traveling with my wheelchair seems far too difficult. So I’ve been daydreaming of my next trip, that will likely happen years from now. I’m a lover of history, architecture, art and food. This trip will feed the need for all those things. Also it should be mentioned that I hate hot weather and beaches, which is why this will be a fall/winter trip.

Beginning in October of the year ? ? my husband and I will fly to St.Petersburg, Russia, where I can finally get to see architecture like this in person. 

See the Kirov ballet perform in their home theatre, the Mariinsky. 

Eat real borscht and caviar. 

And finally get to see the treasures housed inside the Hermitage museum without having to be online at googleartproject.com

Hermitage museum

Next, we’ll be off to Berlin, Germany the one city in Germany, I want to see, mostly because of the fallen wall and the older part of the city. 

But also for the comfort food of my childhood made by experts. 

Pretzel, kassler ribs and knoedel yum!

Berlin is home to plenty of museums, but the one at the top of my list is their natural history museum, the museum fur Naturkunde. 

The last stop on this historic European dream vacation will be a commune  that dates back to 2000 BC!  We’ll be off to the Cote d’azure in southeastern France to the gorgeous commune of Eze, lcoated between Nice and Monaco . Eze is known for its art scene and it’s gastronomic delights.  There are no vehicles allowed in Eze and there are steps everywhere, so it’s imperative that I be able to walk, by the time we go. 

View of Eze
Steps and beautiful stone architecture

I already know which hotel we’ll be staying in, the Chateau Eza, pricey, but we’ve got years to save up.

Hotel entrance
Junior suite
Amazing view

Then, there’s the food. Being on the Mediterranean, seafood is a specialty. Being in France, you can besure it’ll be great. 

My mouth waters just looking at the photo

Then it will be back home, though not historic, is still a pretty nice place to live. 

Can’t wait to turn the dream into reality, 

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  1. Excellent plan, I hope it becomes a reality for you soon. While you are in Berlin you should also visit the Holocaust Memorial. While it has a serious purpose it is a spectacular installation like a stone maze, quite spectacular.

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