Why do I care who wins? 

Barack Obama current “leader of the free world “

I’m a Canadian, living in Canada so what do I care about the election in the USA? Why do I consider this my business? 

America considers itself a leading country and the presidency ,the most powerful job in the world. In fact, one of my biggest pet peeves is the phrase leader of the free world to describe the job. I’ll tell you why later. The other crown they have bestowed upon themselves is the title of the world’s police. This is the  reason why I care who wins. As, by far the biggest military power on earth, who is not afraid of starting wars on  relatively small provocation the outcome of this election means a great deal. No country on earth wants someone who seriously asks the Pentagon, why can’t we just nuke them?  in charge of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. As their next door neighbor , the thought of a Trump presidency is a frightening one, not because he’s dangerous, but because he’s so reactive. The first presidential debate was tonight and while Trump was using much calmer language than he used during the Republican debates or his rallys, he still made it clear that he has no clue about foreign policy, or diplomacy.

I’m sure many American voters don’t think too much about foreign policy, but they should. Take it from Canada, being diplomatic is a very important skill to master. We’ve been virtually unscathed terror-wise. The worst we’ve gotten from the middle east recently,  is Iran using our first nations people as an example of human rights violations while defending their own  violations to the United Nations ,which fell pretty flat. A good reputation in the world as a peace keeping, polite society keeps you out of harms way , unless you live next door to a nation lead by someone who clearly has no idea what the job entails. 

A smug, narcissistic sadist who thinks he’s above the law and can dish it out but can’t take it. Who sits up till the wee hours searching the Internet for new enemies, by which I mean anyone who says anything bad about him. Seriously, what did Rosie O’Donnell even do to him to warrant years of verbal abuse?  I’m actually asking because I missed it.  His reactionary mind will make america a bigger target for terrorism and i’m thinking kim Jong Un might have questionable aim. I really have no idea how any poor person would vote for a man who considers a million dollars, a very small loan https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/03/03/trumps-false-claim-he-built-his-empire-with-a-small-loan-from-his-father/

As a feminist, I’ll never understand how any woman can support the guy who said any one of the following things to any woman. 

And what is wrong with anyone who actually buys what he says about companies who outsource jobs to China and Mexico and how this must stop. 

I found the above pictures by searching Google for Trump clothes labels.Pretty easy to fact check that one. Putting his upcoming court cases  for child rape and federal fraud , aka RICO charges side,  Trump is a classic bully who can’t stop from being baited into a confrontation. He relishes the opportunity to humiliate anyone, including his daughter. Remember this?

He’s not “weird ” Ms Behar he’s incestuous and sick to even entertain the thought, let alone say it on television. 

My favorite Trump moment tonight came after the debate was over and a reporter asked Donald how he thought he did and he bragged about how proud he was that he was able to not mention Bill Clinton’s indiscretions like he deserves a medal. He only served himself by not pointing out that Hillary was strong enough to stay in her marriage, honoring her vow to a man who did exactly what Trump did to at least 2 of his 3 wives. You can bet Hillary has that response locked and loaded, awaiting the opportunity. 

Conversely, my favorite Clinton moment was this well worded fuck you. 

This will be my last post on the US election.  If your mind isn’t made up yet ,you have bigger issues than I can address. 

On to other stupidity. 

I almost forgot, why do I hate the expression the leader of the free world?  It’s not true . There are well more than 50 free countries worldwide that are not lead by the American president, mine included. It’s insulting and disrespectful of our sovereignty. 

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