The front row overreaction 

Yesterday, Mark Cuban responded with a yes to the Clinton campaign’s invitation to sit in the front row of Mondays debate. Mark Cuban is a billionaire reality show star and is a nemesis of Trump. The invite was a somewhat dickish move meant to put Trump off his game.

Billionaire Mark Cuban

 But nowhere near as shitty as what Trump responded with. It was announced today that Trump will have a guest of his own in the front row in order to throw Clinton into a breakdown (I guess ) and her name is Ginnifer Flowers.

Ginnifer Flowers, Bill Clintons mistress from the 90’s

Current photo of Flowers

 In case you are too young to remember, Ms Flowers was having a consensual sexual relationship with Bill Clinton in the 90’s.Frankly I’m more surprised that the front row will not include these two as well. 

Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment
Monica Lewinsky the intern who famously had an affair with the former president. Sometimes a cigar …

Trump’s reactions are generally over the top, but this one is truly deplorable. Is there no one in the Trump camp that remembers this? 

Hillary under fire during Benghazi hearings
Hillary’s been on the receiving end of the Republican shit storm for decades and, not only is she still standing, she’s thriving. Her skin has become thicker over time  So someone from over 20 years ago won’t put a dent in her armor. I fully expect that the look on Hillary’s face after the debate will look like this  …

And Donald’s will look like this after Hillary brings up the fact that he cheated on 2 of his 3 wives and will go to trial for raping a child ..


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