Rapist running for president of the USA ?

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11 thoughts on “Rapist running for president of the USA ?

  1. I confess I’m not that savvy about the US election system works. If he drops out of the race will they nominate someone else in his stead or will Clinton be a shoe-in?

    1. I guess it would depend on when he drops out, if that were to happen. My assumption is the closer we get to November 8th, the less likely a replacement is. It’s never happened before, so no one really knows what to expect

        1. It’s all over the Internet, but so far he has yet to be confronted by a reporter about the charge. It is America. For all their bluster about how great a country they are for women, the attitude is still very arcane when it comes to believing a rape victim.

          1. Hey, our President, Jacob Zuma went through a similar thing and he is still in office. A more corrupt sleazeball you are unlikely to meet. He beats Trump hands down.

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