The Clinton conspiracy ?

This seemingly neverending American presidential election has changed from  merely absurd to completely  insane. From Trump’s blatant racism and wife Melania plagerizing the first lady,to celebrities losing their  minds over Bernie Sanders losing, I’m looking at you, Ms Sarandon.  And everyone demonizing Hillary for small infractions in the scheme of things. Fingers pointing in all directions, but no consequence for anyone. As an outsider, I can’t help but watch and think, this can’t be real. Is it just that the campaign is so long that ridiculousness is inevitable?  Or is this just a show? 

I’ve been hearing how this election is Hillary’s turn since Obama’s win in 2008. Are they leaving nothing to chance? Hillary’s opponent has donated multiple times to her previous campaigns as well as to the Clinton foundation over the years. Trump didn’t even enter the race till long after Bernie Sanders threw a monkey wrench into the democratic party with a platform not far different from.Mrs Clintons own.

 Trump’s campaign, if you can call it that, has been laughable at best. Sadly Republicans not bright enough to laugh. All three candidates, Sanders included, put on a great show of taking pot shots at each other. I honestly don’t buy that Trump wants to be president, what with Donald Trump Jr.asking John Kasich to be VP and offering him domain over both foreign and domestic policies, or the presidency on a silver platter. He’s enlisted his family to make boobs of themselves as well as F level celebrities like Antonio Sabato Jr. and Scott Baio to shill for him.

I really wish Americans could see how utterly ridiculous this whole thing is to the rest of the world. We are pointing and laughing at your stupidity, just like you  did with Brexit when you finally understood what it meant. 

They really are doing their best to make it seem real, while giving Hillary Clinton the presidency.  Just how many back door deals are in place here? We should be asking, what does Trump really want?  Is it less regulation on construction or less estate tax? Perhaps it’s simply special treatment whenever he needs it. Unfortunately, even the con artists are underestimating the stupidity of the American public. This could bite them in the ass if, by some twist of fate, Trump does win. Though, he can always withdraw if that happens. Or there could be a scandal up his sleeve being saved for that rainy day. 

America, the only “first world ” country stupid enough not to see that the emperor is naked. 

5 thoughts on “The Clinton conspiracy ?

  1. You complain when candidates name-call and use disparaging comments, yet isn’t that what you’re doing now? Americans are already quite fed up with foreigner disrespect of US generosity. This isn’t your fight. So just stay out of it. Go die or someting.

  2. …..Fed up with foreigner disrespect of US generosity…..
    (Right or wrong, my country!) – This delicate reaction to the observations of someone who has another nationality, reminds of a definition given by George Bernard Shaw:
    + Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it. +
    Not being a US citizen either, I regret the rebuke, and suppose that Samantha will never ever criticize the inhabitants of other countries. .-

    1. You are making the assumption that I am a US citizen. You don’t know that. As for criticizing another nationality, I just criticized the author of this blog, and now I’m criticizing you.

      I recall many instances where EU member citizens criticized US citizens for unfair comments about Brexit. Maybe you were one of them.

      The US is going through a stage of monumental corruption, on both sides of the political aisle, and I think it would be courtesy to direct comments towards the actual perps, not innocent, hard-working Americans who increasingly find it hard to make ends meet, and then making things worse for them with a blanket statement that says they are stupid. US politicians are corrupt to the core, yet the author of this blog genuflects before Hillary while condemning Saradon who acknowledges Hillary’s corruption.

      If Canada were overrun with 30 million illegal aliens, I certainly wouldn’t call Canadians stupid, but rather would have an awful lot of empathy because of the crowded classrooms, housing shortages, diluted wages, overworked police and health professionals, increased taxation, inflation — it goes on and on, something you probably can’t even fathom from your prissy perch.

      And think about this: If the US should ever have a crisis such as what has been going on in Syria, US refugees will flood Canada, and to a degree where the impact will be no different than forcing every Canadian to house 2 refugees.

      The world’s one-percenters are setting up safe havens all over the world right today, because they believe such a scenario is a very real possibility now.

  3. Ignore the previous two comments. That’s the whole idea of an open democratic society- you get to say whatever you like. And you aren’t wrong- our presidential campaigns are ridiculously long. Keep writing.

    1. Yeah well, don’t take your freedoms for too much granted. Free speech is gradually being shut down in Europe, and look what just happened in Turkey last week, where the dictator is now rounding up all journalists.

      Even free speech is diminishing on the internet, where it’s increasingly hard to get a word in on many blogs, which are run by dictators who delete comments they don’t like. Even Google is in on it, steering search results that further their political ambitions and bottom line.

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