2 Bs or not 2 Bs? 

Boob loving Boo

Lately my gorgeous cat, Boo has been asking for a second B in her name. Allow me to explain. The longer we have her, the more time she spends laying on, walking across, touching and using as a ladder, my breasts. It started innocently enough , just a little snuggle here and there. It soon graduated to using them as a soft bridge to walk across and as a step ladder to reach the top of my chair. Even when she’s laying on my stomach, there is always one stretched paw on a boob, sometimes with claw,  or if I’m lucky, sometimes without. She’s drooled on them, shedded on them, punctured them.and bruised them. What I don’t understand is, if she likes them so damned much, why does she abuse them? 

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