Lonely Louboutins.

Of the things that I miss, walking in heels is in the top 5. I used to have shapely legs (as opposed to the skinny legs I now have due to loss of muscle tone )  and a confident strut that garnered attention. My walk made me feel powerful. I have danced in 6 inch stilettos for hours. I ran in heels too. My two prized possessions were my 2 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels, one in classic black, the second in a cream /tan combo. Both are very comfortable, as much as heels can be. The leather is soft and gorgeous. I could wear them while in my wheelchair, but going to the toilet would be an impossibility as I’m sure I can’t stand in them to transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet.

 Even though they’re expensive shoes, I’d wear them with jeans,as well as dresses and skirts. 

My husband wants me to keep my Louboutins, in case I get to the point where I don’t have to wear my hard plastic ankle, foot orthotic inside my running shoe.  

He wants me to continue to have hope that I will have a full recovery.  My walking has plateaued at the point where I, not only still need the orthotic and heavily rely on a quad cane to walk around the apartment. But my balance can easily be destroyed by a small push or bump by someone else, so walking outside is dangerous . I’ve been leaning towards selling them, after all, I paid  $1100 for the 2 pair and could make much of that back.But will likely give it a year to see where I am before letting the dream die. Until then, I tear up a little whenever I think about them and can’t bear to look at them .  Which is why I couldn’t include photos of my actual shoes. 

My beautiful Louboutins remain in their respective boxes and, sadly remain lonely. 

3 thoughts on “Lonely Louboutins.

  1. I’m not hitting “like” because I know the power of a confident walk and the sheer pleasure of appreciative eyes (not that we’d do anything, but a girl likes a bit of respectful acknowledgement). Keep your heels- stranger things have happened. I’m sending you a lot of strong woman mojo, not that you don’t have it in spades, but extra can’t hurt.

    I tore my plantar fascia running a few years ago and it’s taken me five years to get back to real heels (in short bursts). I had been sticking to wedges and clunky heels.

    I know it’s nothing like your case but my orthopedist had said never again to stilettos and here I am. So… maybe there’s hope.

    You go baby!

    1. You have no idea how encouraged you’ve made me with your comment. I’m so happy you’ve overcome (mostly ) your injury. I know how hard the road back can be.

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