WW 3D? the revolutionary war of the near future 

People are angry.

Military coup in Turkey

 So angry they are losing all sense of logic.

Isis poses for a photo op

Every day the news features stories of police killing unarmed black people 

Black lives matter

and gunmen shooting police officers


 and terror groups beheading people and idiots running for political office and people voting for those same idiots and religious killings and rape and human rights violators  and world economies pushed over the edge by yet more stupidity & greed  The wealthy of us pushing the rest of us into a corner. While most of us are still facing the wall, we’ve begun to turn to face our reality and see that it must change. Without a clear and logical solution to our insanity, some of us take on a vigilante role and kill those of us  who piss them off. The media acts the part of shit disturber and cheerleader. We are at the tipping point. When, not if, but when it happens, it will happen fast. It will likely not look like a traditional war. It might not even be bloody. It could be purely virtual. But mark my words, we won’t be taking it much longer. There is an obvious solution to the bubbling cauldron. Stop trying to control us through legislation, religion and media, pay us a wage we can live on, provide education and health care we can afford,stop shoving hate down our throats . When people are happy in their daily lives they see less unfairness around them. While all we see around us is the life we could have, being dangled and advertised, it’s only a matter of time until we see the ultimate fairness of life,that nobody gets out alive,  as our only option. 

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