There’s a reason for it 

Over the past 30 years or so,  we in North America have seen the disappearance of our pubic hair. Both men and women have decided that you’re not well groomed unless your genitals are bald. For men, the reason is aesthetic, less hair makes the penis look larger. And what guy says no to having a bigger penis ?

For women, however the reason is much more complicated. Many of us, 99%, don’t see beauty when looking at the vagina ,women are taught to be ashamed of their genitals. You hear the word penis on television all the time, but vagina has only just begun usage. Until recently we had to hear women refer to their vagiña as ‘down there’ Just another body part women are forced to obsess over to the point where they can’t enjoy sex. So, we shave, wax and Lazer away any trace of hair in hopes that it’ll be prettier and cleaner. Hair represents dirt to us users of vacuum cleaners. But we are cutting of our noses to spite our faces. Female pubic hair is a necessity. It acts as a barrier between your vaginal opening and dangerous bacteria . Women with pubic hair get far fewer yeast infections, bladder and urinary tract infections, and are less likely to have a strong odor.  We have pubic hair for the same reason we have nose hair to protect us from illness. If your guy is squeamish about a little hair, get a new one, they’re everywhere, just waiting for the chance. 

There’s nothing wrong with a little trim of the area for aesthetic reasons but your hair is there for a reason. 

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