Slow but sure

Yesterday marked my final physio therapy session. After 12 weeks of treatment I’m happy to announce improvements. When I began my post hospital physio on March 30th,  I was able to walk, heavily aided by my therapist on my left side, while clutching onto a hemi walker with my right hand. My maximum distance was 20 meters with at least one break to sit. Yesterday,  I walked unaided by a person, while using a quad cane for 70 meters without breaking. On my first day, my balance was tested through 12 different tasks, 5 of which I couldn’t do at all. Yesterday the same tests were given and I could do all but one, placing one foot directly in front of the other, which wouldn’t be easy before the stroke.  About a month ago, we timed me walking 10 meters using a hemi walker ,which looks like a step stool without the steps,  and therapist at 2 minutes and 4 seconds. 

Hemi walker

 Yesterday I was timed using only a quad cane at 1 minute 47 seconds.


Though I have been expecting a period of plateau in my near future, I am still improving.  Crying uncontrollaby for no reason, but improving.
The next step begins in one week, when I start to work out at a local gym specifically for disabled folks like myself.  I’ll be working with kinesiology students in a terrific atmosphere for as long as I need to. I’ll get unlimited access to the gym for $50  per month. While life is getting easier, it’s still an exhaustingly tough slog. I’m a long way away from ditching the wheelchair yet. Walking in public is still very scary. Especially when everyone feels the need to cut me off.  Quick tip for all pedestrians,  a wheelchair or a person with a cane or walker ALWAYS has the right of way.  Imagine getting hit by a power chair or knocking down someone with a cane, the second you save yourself comes with a price. And it’s more than I can afford to pay.
I still have no idea if complete recovery is probable. I only know it’s going to take time, effort and more tears than I care to admit.
Until then, I am a proud member of the  …


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