Open letter to Hillary Clinton


Dear Mrs Clinton,
I am writing to you from Canada with some advice on how to win the election. As I see it, you are making one big mistake currently. As much as I loved your “delete your account “tweet among others directed at the orange one, you must remember that this is a presidential race and being the adult will serve you far better than letting yourself be sucked into childish taunts. Nobody thinks Trump’s tweets make him president material, not even Fox news.  You got lucky in that your opponent is an air headed douchbag full of hate , but remember that the American public is far less intelligent than people think.  The rest of the world is actively rooting for you, but we can’t vote for you. Please start leading by example. You may be surprised how many people will follow. People like to identify with those more intelligent than they are. There are republicans looking for a reason to vote for you.  Take the high road.  Show America how different  you are. No one wants to see their president get frustrated or angry at someone so stupid and orange No matter how much fun it may be to strike back, is losing worth it?

my little Canadian family


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