And the hits just keep coming

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I have to say that I’ve been dealing with the loss of so many of the things I love pretty damned well.  I miss dancing.  I miss going for walks. I miss seeing the world at the height of five foot seven and not staring at kids faces as grown asses all day. But something I lost recently might just take me to the end of my tether . Let me explain. What with spending so long in hospital working to overcome paralysis all thought of a sexual nature were out the window. Then I got home and hubby and I have tried. To my horror, I am now experiencing a great deal of pain during penetration. It feels like his member is covered in razor blades. At first I blamed menopause, then my physio tells me that it’s likely stroke related. So now I have a prescription to see a specialist in what is known as pelvic floor therapy. Ironically, my pelvic floor has been exercised to death. I’ve been doing Keigel exercises since the age of 15, but none of that matters ,  thanks stroke. The therapy isexpensive at  $100 per hour, so script is necessary to pay for it. All I know so far is that the therapy will be invasive and uncomfortable, but I’m determined to remain a sexual creature no matter what . Ah  newlywedded  bliss.

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