A hairy problem, update

If you recall, I experienced some major hair loss in hospital. I actually lost approximately half the hair on my head? A friend recommended a product that worked for her during menopause called nioxin. I went out and bought a kit. 3 products, shampoo, conditioner and a foam that strips the testosterone from the equation and encourages hair growth. I happily paid  $50 for the kit of 3 full size products and I’m so happy I did. I now have back all the hair I lost and then some. My hair while shorter, to accommodate styling ease  ( what with only being able to use one hand ) is now thicker than ever before.  Best money I ever spent.


On a related note, the coarse black hairs that sprouted on my tummy and upper thighs has fallen out entirely. I have no idea why, but am not bitching.

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