A hairy problem

Hospitals cause strange things to happen. In my case, hair growth and hair loss, simultaneously. Months ago, nurses shaved my body before heart surgery. Never had I shaved my upper thighs or belly both of which had a very fine blonde fuzz that couldn’t really be seen. Since being shaved ONCE, this is what they now look like  …



Not too bad.

Thighs :

Not too good.

Then there’s the hair loss, partly menopausal, partly adrenal caused by the stress of being here for 5, months. When I got here my hair was gorgeous, fairly thick and halfway down my back.  Now,



barely there.

A small issue, but annoying to be sure. I bought a nioxin product for the loss. I guess wax for the new black hairs elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “A hairy problem

  1. I often marvel at the number of products and info regarding guys and their stupid facial hair whereas we girls have like our WHOLE bodies to manage. Too much hair here, not enough there.

    *Bangs head on desk*

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