Is this a hospital or a church?

Boasting a prayer room and a chapel and filled with nurses spouting things like never give up,miracles happen, I can’t help but wonder. In the past week I’ve been the cause of several heartbroken faces. All because when faced with platitudes like, you’ll be walking in no time with God’s help, I feel I have to point out that I value reality over dreams. I know I won’t be walking around like most of you, maybe ever, maybe not for years. I also know that my left arm will never spring to life. My reality is and will continue to be different, and I’m okay with that. But everyone from housekeeping staff to my father want me to build my future based on hope. The only people who speak honestly with me are 3 nurses, my  mom and my physio therapist. I prefer to face my actual future prepared. So, when someone is telling me about God, miracles and prayer. I have to point out that not everyone finds comfort in those things, but thanks for the thought.

What I really want to say is if I prayed to god for a miracle instead of having my heart tumour surgically removed, I’d be dead now.


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