Wedding day

So today started off like too many days do here. I was woken up for no good reason at 8am, even though the nurses have instructions to let me alone till 11am, but whatever. After being disturbed every hour on the hour contrary to doctors orders, I was able to get about 4 hours sleep. My folks have been called and reminded to bring a couple of things.  Fiance was called to make sure he is awake, he was! Everything is off to a good start, so far. Several things can still go wrong. Fiance can forget the rings, his parents could show up late or not at all  (they are coming from out of town ) Even  the smallest, most casual wedding can be ruined too easily .

Will update as the day continues with photos  …

** update -after 7 months without a period, today is a red letter day. Good thing I have to wear a diaper . Not going to burden you with pics of this.

**update – ceremony is finished and we are officially husband and wife.

Oh  and the bride in her carriage.


Husband and wife  …







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