Out with the old …

IMG_20151231_150322Best scar ever!


2015 has been a rather crappy year for me health wise, so the only reservation I am making this year is to keep breathing. 2016 is already better because it begins with my wedding and then moves on to being able to go home in late February to early March.  I can’t wait to leave the hospital! Soon  (in the next couple of weeks ) I will be allowed to be able to go around town on a day pass, first stop hair salon. The more time I can spend away the closer I get to home. I had sincerely hoped to be walking out of here. That’s not happening. I will be rolling out in a power wheelchair on loan from the Red Cross. I will have a physio therapist come to my home to begin the process of getting me walking. The goal here is getting me to transfer from my wheelchair independently, to make home easier. Walking will come, just later. My left arm, however will likely stay paralyzed. Thankful to be right handed. Don’t feel sorry for me. I am thrilled to be in a wheelchair.  What most people don’t understand is the freedom a chair gives you. I am able to go places by myself. I am not bound to the chair, I am mobile because of it.

So good riddance to  2015.  Bring on 2016.


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