Why is it more difficult the second time around?

You would think that once you learn something that it stays learned, then you have a massive stroke and have to re-learn the most simple tasks.  As a somewhat smart person it’s rather humiliating how much work it is to learn tiny things again.

For example I had to learn to sit up.

Not as easy as he makes it look.



And stand. Much harder than it looks.


My next hurdle will be walking. Just the thought seems hurculean.


The biggest shock was how much effort going to the toilet actually is. After 4 months of peeing in diapers, it takes a while for your brain and bladder to get back on speaking terms. I have tried all the tricks to overcome bladder shyness, from running water, to fingers in warm water, to dripping water between my legs and after 2 weeks I finally had a successful pee on the toilet without aid of water. No wonder it takes babies so long! Don’t get me started on number 2,  believe me you don’t want to know.

Potty Train two
You want me to what? 

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