wtf is the problem with men?

As you know, I am still in hospital. I finally made it to the therapy /last stop level. On this floor everything is a lot more social,  meals in the common dining room etc. There are currently 20 men and 4 women of which I am the youngest.  Last week , I met a man called Dennis who seemed  nice to talk with. It should be noted that my fiance visits every day,so it’s no secret that I am engaged. A couple of days ago, Dennis told me that he was interested in me. This is not unusual behavior, but he had just found out that his wife was cheating and was whining about how untrustworthy women are. I had no sympathy here and told Dennis I am not under any circumstances interested and am offended by his going from boo hoo my wife cheated to are you interested in cheating on your man. He said nothing and walked away. I never said anything to lead him on, or encouage him in any way. Where does this come from? I am now having my meals in the hospital cafeteria because it’s uncomfortable to see his face. Apparently he did not think this through.

On a happier note, yesterday I was moved to a private room and so my wonderful man, who I couldn’t love more, who is really there with me through thick and thin, and I can finally get married.  Date set for January second. Vows written. Guests invited. Commissioner (aka justice of the peace ) booked. Needless to say I am very excited.

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