Does size matter?

Relax gentlemen, this one is not about you.

No, this one is for the ladies with body issues. How do you feel when you herar yourself referred to as plus sized? The truth is if you are a size 10 o more, you are. Does it make you depressed,make you feel ugly or unattractive? How about unworthy? If you answered yes, or were even made to think about your response, I want you to look a the following pictures of gorgeous women who are plus sized models and feel a little better. Just remember, these women get well paid o look like they do

.IMG_20151021_163001                      IMG_20151021_162937

IMG_20151021_162816     IMG_20151021_162706

IMG_20151021_162254     IMG_20151021_162158

IMG_20151021_162134     IMG_20151021_162111

IMG_20151021_162003     IMG_20151021_162532

I hope this made you feel better, I know I do

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