Getting to know you

As most of you know, I moved to British Columbia about two and a half years ago and began working retail in a hotel. While I became friendly with a lot of people, I really only made 1 friend (other than my fiance). Her name is Roz and she has been wonderful about coming to see me in hospital on her days off. During these visits, we have gotten to know a lot more about each other’s pasts. I was shocked to be shown a music video in which Roz sings a cover version of Kate Bush’s song, Wuthering Heights. I have loved this song since 1980 when I heard Pat Benetar sing it on her album, Crimes of Passion (this is my favorite version of the song). Roz was surprised that I knew the song. The video was shot 10 years ago in England for next to nothing. Interesting point about the setting, it takes place at the same cemetery in which Emily Bronte, the author of the book Wuthering Heights is buried.

ithout further adieu, here is my friend, the leggy blonde, Roz doing her best Kate Bush and wonderfully.

*you may have to click the video player twice to get it to play

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