This woman’s right to vote


I was really looking forward to voting in this year’s federal election on Monday. I t would be first time in over 20 years, as I had been living ou of country since 1992. I did my research, informed myself on the candidates and their plans for the country and came to, what I thought was the best decision. Then,I get put into hospital, but in Canada, elections Canada ae supposed to come to you early and take your vote, just like they do for inmates in prison. Because in Canada, we ALL have the right to vote.

Apparently this is not quite so. Elections Canada came to the hospital several days ago and were on my floor (neurological care) Mine was not the only room they skipped. I called them yesterday to find out why. A half assed apology was mumbled along with a promise that they would send someone in the afternoon. They didn’t. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I am on the neurology floor among some very confused people, so they just didn’t bother. Or, perhaps they were just lazy.

Long hospital stays are frustrating, between nurses not listening, your wishes not being honoured ( I will not take sleeping pills. I found out that one nurse had been giving them to me behind my back), having no privacy and now having one of my fundamental rights taken away for no good reason, you can see why it might be harder to smile.

I’ll finish this up by wishing Elizabeth May and the green party the best of luck in pulling a historical upset and beating the big boys. I’m only sorry that my vote was never taken in to be counted.

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